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Pelosi: 'I don't think we're headed for a shutdown'
3 are killed in National Guard helicopter crash in Minnesota, governor says
Chase and shootout involving hijacked UPS truck in Florida leads to four deaths
Bloomberg Proposes Sweeping Gun Agenda, Including Federal Licensing
Donald Tusk makes what appears to be 'gun' gesture at Trump's back
Tennessee executes blind death row inmate Lee Hall by electric chair for 1991 murder of girlfriend
R. Kelly charged with paying bribe before marriage to Aaliyah
Trump turns to Supreme Court to keep his finances secret
Migrant Teen Lay for Hours in His Cell Before He Was Found Dead
Calls between Giuliani and White House budget office in doubt
'Everyone is on the streets': strike forces France to a halt
U.S. officials say Iranian regime may have killed over 1000 people in recent protests
'Dotage of a dotard': North Korea renews attack on Donald Trump
India rape victim attacked: Woman allegedly set on fire by men she accused of rape as she headed to court today
Here's what Uber is doing to solve its sexual assault problem after reporting more than 3,000 incidents last year
Saudi Aramco raises $25.6bn in world's biggest share sale
Papa John's founder John Schnatter's wife files for divorce
Scott Kirby Appointed United Airlines CEO
Report: Apple's flagship 2021 iPhone won't have any ports
Darksiders Genesis costs more on Google Stadia
Qualcomm teams up with 'Pokémon Go' developer to make AR glasses
Samsung Galaxy S11 will almost certainly be powered by this 5G chip
'Jagged Little Pill' Broadway review: An uneven Alanis Morissette show
Mulan (2020) Trailer #2
The Year in Social Charts 2019: BTS Utterly Dominates as Top Artist
Spotify beats Apple at its own game with its Wrapped year in review feature
Utah can help reestablish the Pac-12 as a legitimate national title contender
What would the College Football Playoff look like if it went by viewership?
Sources -- Rockets protest loss to Spurs after Harden dunk not counted, want to replay end of game
Draymond Green Is Growing. But Some Things Never Change.

New York Times

Pelosi Says House Will Draft Impeachment Charges Against Trump
Pelosi's Leap on Impeachment: From No Go to No Choice
Trump Officials Dispute Some Giuliani Call Logs in Bid to Weaken Democrats' Case
General Strike in France Challenges Macron's Latest Ambition for Change
Uber Says 3,045 Sex Assaults Were Reported in U.S. Rides Last Year
19 Women Sue Lyft as Sexual Assault Allegations Mount
When Pete Buttigieg Was One of McKinsey's ‘Whiz Kids'
Joe Biden Trades Barbs With Voter in Iowa: ‘You're a Damn Liar'
Democrats Ask: Do We Really Want an All-White Final Four?
Spain's ‘Big Brother' Accused of Recording Sexual Assault and Making Victim Watch
Best Performances of 2019
Impeachment, France, Best of 2019: Your Thursday Evening Briefing
‘Do You Hate the President?'
Across the Globe, a ‘Serious Backlash Against Women's Rights'
Should College Be Free?
Buttigieg's Untenable Vow of Silence
Please, Democrats, Don't Make the Impeachment Articles Too Narrow
Why Is Trump a Tariff Man?
I Was Once a Socialist. Then I Saw How It Worked.
Jane Fonda: The Climate Emergency Is a Political Emergency
The President's Pardon Power May Be Weaker Than It Seems
Don't Look Away
Donald Trump Is a Clear and Present Danger to the 2020 Election
There Is a Right Way to Teach Reading, and Mississippi Knows It
I Won a World Championship. Some People Aren't Happy.
NATO Is Full of Freeloaders. But It's How We Defend the Free World.
How Watching ‘Jeopardy!' Together Helped Me Say Goodbye to My Father
When She Sees Children in Need, ‘Just Bring Them In'
Who's Hacking Your Spotify?
Black Hawk Helicopter Crash Kills All 3 Aboard, Minnesota Governor Says

Guardian Unlimited

NSW fires live: three bushfires merge north of Sydney – latest updates
'You're a damn liar': Biden lashes out at voter and seems to call him fat
BBC's Andrew Neil lays down gauntlet to Boris Johnson over interview
Indian police shoot dead four men suspected of Hyderabad rape
McDonald's NZ launches 'not quite vegetarian' McVeggie burger
Somerset earthquake measuring 3.2 magnitude shakes houses
142,000 died from measles last year, WHO estimates
California woman punched mountain lion in effort to save her dog
Amazon pulls Chile dictatorship 'death flights' T-shirts after backlash
More than 800,000 people march against Macron as strikes grip France
'People came to make noise': Porto's abandoned mall turned underground music hub
Bangkok's glowing hidden spots of night-time peace – in pictures
Victims, not victors? The uniquely Czech debate over how to memorialise the Velvet Revolution
Big Brother is watching: Chinese city with 2.6m cameras is world's most heavily surveilled
Inside the hate factory: how Facebook fuels far-right profit
'Everyone is on the streets': strike forces France to a halt – video
If Glencore's CEO retires next year, many weary shareholders will rejoice | Nils Pratley
Police in Croatia deport Nigerian table tennis players to Bosnia
Three national guard soldiers killed when helicopter crashes in Minnesota
Flooding hits New Zealand tourist hubs of Wanaka and Queenstown
Murray-Darling authority warns of 'dire' summer of mass fish deaths and blue-green algae
‘I feel constant pain': drug resistance adds to misery of Gaza gun victims
Record rise in attacks on healthcare workers leaves 'millions at risk' – UN
Killers lurk in the shadows as Haiti chaos takes a sinister turn
Let the UK continue to lead the world in global development | Letter
Impeachment hearing joke draws angry response from Melania Trump – and lays bare America's divide
How does Nato look at the age of 70? It's complicated
Kamala Harris: how the 'female Obama' started with a bang and went downhill
The foreign donation ban is a good thing – but it won't protect NZ from political corruption | Pete McKenzie
'Don't mess with me': Nancy Pelosi responds to reporter asking if she hates Trump – video

BBC World News

Macron pension reform: France braces for second day of strikes
Uber had 6,000 US sexual assault reports in two years
Hyderabad case: Police kill suspects in Indian vet's rape and murder
'You're a damn liar man' - Biden in heated exchange with voter
Briton Audrey Schoeman revived after six-hour cardiac arrest
'Dotage of a dotard': North Korea renews attack on Donald Trump
Ryrkaypiy: Far-north Russian village overrun by polar bears
Trump impeachment to go ahead, says House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
US meteorite adds to origins mystery
Saudi Aramco raises $25.6bn in world's biggest share sale
'Staggering': Measles deaths surge to 142,000
New South Wales bushfires: 'Mega blaze' warning near Sydney
Six things on Canadian PM's to-do list
Holocaust: Angela Merkel visits Auschwitz for first time
Chinese residents worry about rise of facial recognition
Was this the original Fyre festival?
COP25 climate change conference: What are you giving up for environment?
East Africa hit by weather phenomenon
Burkina Faso crisis: 'Soldiers killed seven members of my family'
Quiz of the week: What did Trump call Trudeau?
Africa's top shots: 29 November - 5 December 2019
How the egg box became a million dollar idea
Air New Zealand trials edible coffee cups to combat waste
Spitfire pilots return to Goodwood after round-the-world trip
Macron pension reform: Why are French workers on strike?
Germany-Russia murder row raises tensions for Merkel
Bug busters: The tech behind new vaccines
The cassette that made me a secret daytime DJ
Nato summit spurs international press anger
How long can you survive in Australia's outback?

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