New Scientist

Ovarian cancer test could detect disease earlier than current methods
Why is China drilling a hole more than 10,000 metres deep?
City in Sierra Leone covers buildings in mirrors to fight extreme heat
Compound found in octopus ink kills cancer cells but not others
Pneumatic computer uses pressure instead of electricity
Watch Mars ‘livestream' by the European Space Agency – latest updates
Hundreds of weird filaments of gas are hiding in our galaxy's centre
Reports of an AI drone that 'killed' its operator are pure fiction
Wildfires across Canada have emitted record-breaking amounts of carbon
Inside the huge London super sewer designed to fight river pollution
Ancient humans may have risked their lives making stone tools
Tiny backpack for bees can track their position and temperature
We've been drastically underestimating Earth's microbial diversity
Planned moon landings could pelt orbiting spacecraft with dusty debris
Why I can once again eat cheese with a clear conscience
Why we should do more to protect frogs and toads
Whale shark seen bottom feeding for the first time
Junk food diet may disrupt sleep by altering brain activity
Stem cells from umbilical cord 'goo' delay type 1 diabetes progression
JWST has spotted an enormous plume of water coming out of Enceladus
Desert ants build landmarks to help them find their way home
Bacterium from oak trees could help process rare earth elements
NASA's UFO team discusses its findings publicly for the first time
Reusable granules suck harmful PFAS ‘forever chemicals' out of water
Situation at Ukrainian nuclear plant is dangerous, IAEA boss warns
Monkeys in Japan lost tooth enamel when their forest was destroyed
Mathematicians make even better never-repeating tile discovery
Quantum sensors could detect space debris from its gravitational pull
Plague first came to Britain from Europe at least 4000 years ago
Virus that carries huge amounts of DNA could advance gene therapies

Scientific American

Science News Briefs from around the World: June 2023
Does Brain Stimulation Boost Memory and Focus? Huge Study Tries to Settle Debate
This Hurricane Season May See a Key FEMA Disaster Fund Run Out of Money
Newfound 'Quasi-Moon' Has Been Earth's Fellow Traveler for Thousands of Years
Crewed Starliner Launch Delayed by Flammable Tape, Botched Parachutes
Why Venus Is So Bright Right Now
Pioneering Advanced Math from Behind Bars
Car-Free Cities Are the Future, Biometrics Reveal
When Should You Get a Mammogram?
This Gargantuan Bird Weighed as Much as a Sports Car
India Cuts Periodic Table and Evolution from School Textbooks
Why Do Animals Keep Evolving into Crabs?
Fossil-Fuel Interests Try to Weaken Global Plastics Treaty
Listen to the Astonishing 'Chirp' of Two Black Holes Merging
How an American Psychiatrist Inspired a Street Name in Germany--and Why That's So Unusual
Most Aliens May Be Artificial Intelligence, Not Life as We Know It
Answering Questions about Boring Numbers, Disasters, Fusion, and More
50, 100 & 150 Years Ago: June 2023
El Niño and Extreme Ocean Heat Are About to Clash for the 2023 Hurricane Season
Attacks on Child Labor Laws Are a Dangerous Throwback to Social Darwinism
Are Sperm Counts Really Declining?
New Hurricane Forecasts Could Predict Terrifying Explosive Intensification
Climate Change Is Escalating California's Wildfires
The Connection between Allergies and Climate Change
How Social Turmoil Has Increased Witch Hunts throughout History

BBC Science/Nature

Solar panels - an eco-disaster waiting to happen?
Are tornadoes in the US getting worse?
Conservationists tackle decline of Scottish coastal species
Peas that don't taste like peas could help the planet
Aras Amiri highlights jailed Iran environmentalists' plight
Using pig fat as green jet fuel will hurt planet, experts warn
Man prises crocodile's jaws off his head at Australian resort
Precious cheetah cubs die in India national park
Deep-sea mining hotspot teems with mystery animals
Can ‘enhanced rock weathering' help combat climate change?
Global warming set to break key 1.5C limit for first time
Earth Day: How to talk to your parents about climate change
Five things we've learned from UN climate report
UN climate report: Scientists release 'survival guide' to avert climate disaster
UN warns against 'vampiric' global water use
Watch rocket launch first Chinese civilian into space

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