New Scientist

Australia's fires may accelerate a jump in CO2 forecasted in 2020
Antibiotic resistance genes can be passed around by bacteria in dust
Mysteriously bright supernova may have smashed up a huge gas cloud
First suspected cases of the Wuhan coronavirus in the UK
Listen to the groaning voice of a 3000-year-old Egyptian mummy
Snake cells grown in the lab produce venom we could use as medicine
The claim that our food is becoming less nutritious is overblown
It's too late to ban face recognition – here's what we need instead
Smoke from Canadian wildfires caused pollution spikes in New York City
Traumatic experiences boost the effect of depression-linked genes
Make airlines and oil firms pay for tree-planting boom, says UK report
Wuhan coronavirus may have been transmitted to people from snakes
The oldest fungi fossils have been identified in a Belgian museum
Skin cream applied to mosquito bites stops viruses infecting mice
Severed nerves repaired in monkeys thanks to tubes of growth protein
DNA from ancient skeletons reveals a lost branch of modern humans
SIM swapping and poor web security may put millions of people at risk
Pregnancy and breastfeeding linked to lower risk of early menopause
Maths says you need coarser coffee grounds to make a perfect espresso
Blood test can predict when women will have their last period
Food allergies may be on the rise because babies start solids too late
Neanderthals may have climbed an active volcano soon after it erupted
Some people are exceptionally good at recognising voices
Electrified artificial skin can feel exactly where it is touched
Cell injections may restore fertility lost through cancer treatment
Sixth person dies as Wuhan coronavirus spreads between people
CRISPR-edited chickens made resistant to a common virus
Michelin sustainable rubber criticised for deforestation
Our current food system can feed only 3.4 billion people sustainably
The wildfires and melting ice that science warned us about are here

Scientific American

Some Scientists Skeptical about Snakes Spreading New Virus in China
WHO Declines to Declare China Virus Outbreak a Global Health Emergency
NOAA Gets Go-Ahead to Study Controversial Climate Plan B
3-D Printing Gives Voice to a 3,000-Year-Old Mummy
Carbon Capture: Solved by Software?
What Is Chernobyl Like Today?
Beings That Are Smarter Than Humans Inhabit the Galaxy
A Way to Reduce Hospital Infections Dramatically
How "Paralinguistic Cues" Can Help You to Persuade
Snakes Could Be the Original Source of the New Coronavirus Outbreak in China
New Nerve-Growing Method Could Help Injured Soldiers and Others
Ending in 2020, NASA's Infrared Spitzer Mission Leaves a Gap in Astronomy
Infectious Disease Expert Discusses What We Know about the New Virus in China
Closing the Ozone Hole Helped Slow Arctic Warming
Survival of the Fittest Cells
Largest Brain Wiring Diagram to Date Is Published
Weights vs. Cardio: Keep Them Separate or Combine?
Everyday Mathematics, Drugs for a Broken Heart and Other New Science Books
Fish-Eating Rat Discovered in Peru
Calling an Illness "Psychosomatic" Doesn't Mean It's Imaginary
Pop Culture's Rate of Change May Mirror Organic Evolution
Past Racist "Redlining" Practices Increased Climate Burden on Minority Neighborhoods
WHO Calls for Emergency Meeting as Chinese Virus Spreads to Health Care Workers
Is Iron Deficiency Causing Your Hair Loss?
Physicists Probe Validity of Einstein's Gravity on Cosmic Scales

BBC Science/Nature

Mummy returns: Voice of 3,000-year-old Egyptian priest brought to life
Mount Vesuvius eruption: Extreme heat 'turned man's brain to glass'
Wanted - volunteers to monitor Britain's growing slug population
Cut meat and dairy intake 'by a fifth', report urges
Scientists discover 'why stress turns hair white'
Space mission to reveal 'Truths' about climate change
Earth's oldest asteroid impact 'may have ended ice age'
Davos 2020: Prince Charles meets Greta Thunberg
Sizewell: RSPB Minsmere nature reserve fears 'environmental impact' on wildlife
New UK housing 'dominated by roads'
Davos: Trump decries climate 'prophets of doom' with Thunberg in audience
Davos: 'Forget about net zero, we need real zero' - Greta Thunberg
New solar power source and storage developed
SpaceX completes emergency crew escape manoeuvre
Human impact on nature 'dates back millions of years'
Barometric pressure in London 'highest in 300 years' at least
Immune discovery 'may treat all cancer'
People urgently fleeing climate crisis cannot be sent home, UN rules
Malaysia returns 42 containers of 'illegal' plastic waste to UK
Single-use plastic: China to ban bags and other items
Australia fires: 'Apocalypse' comes to Kangaroo Island
More precious than gold: Why the metal palladium is soaring
Sir David Attenborough warns of climate 'crisis moment'
Microsoft makes 'carbon negative' pledge
Dinosaur extinction: 'Asteroid strike was real culprit'
What does Trump actually believe on climate change?
Birmingham car ban: How would the scheme work?
Australia fires: Aboriginal planners say the bush 'needs to burn'
Australia fires: How do we know how many animals have died?
The scientist powering drones with 'happy gas'

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