New Scientist

Windows computers around the world are failing in a major outage
New species of Portuguese man o' war discovered in the Tasman Sea
Retinol's anti-ageing effects may work by changing your skin microbes
How to unsnarl a tangle of threads, according to physics
Are animals conscious? We're finally realising that many species are
NASA's cancelled moon rover calls 2026 crewed landing into question
Why the UK was so ill prepared for the covid-19 pandemic
Planes are under attack from GPS jamming – can we find a fix?
Anti-inflammatory drug extended the lifespan of mice by 20 per cent
Could we share dreams by synchronising REM sleep?
Is sharing your smartphone PIN part of a healthy relationship?
Many people think AI is already sentient - and that's a big problem
We are risking a heat disaster for athletes at the Olympics in Paris
Watch bees defend their nest by slapping ants with their wings
Butchered bones hint humans were in South America 21,000 years ago
Tiny jellyfish robots made of ferrofluid can be controlled with light
Blood-thinning drug heparin may stop snakebite victims losing limbs
In the race to ramp up renewables, we can't ignore heat storage
Hydrogel can preserve medications for weeks outside of a fridge
Tiny solar-powered drones could stay in the air forever
Sea slugs discovered working together to hunt in packs
Diamond could be the super semiconductor the US power grid needs
Hurricane forecasts are improving – but big misses are still possible
Moon of Saturn has an equivalent of freshwater rivers and salty oceans
How to watch 2024's spectacular Perseid meteor shower
A new formula for defining a planet still keeps Pluto out of the club
People at risk of overdose could be fitted with an anti-opioid implant
Deep pit on moon may be entrance to cave that could act as lunar base
Bird flu cases may be going undetected in US dairy workers
Raindrop-powered generator harvests electricity from bad weather

Scientific American

What's the Secret behind Ozempic's Sweeping Health Benefits?
Blasting Virtual Aliens Could Help Dyslexic Kids Parse Words
The Psychological Effects of the Trump Assassination Attempt
U.S. Gulf States Risk ‘Knock-Out Blow' from Successive Disasters
Astronauts Would Need an Unusual Pot to Boil Food in Space
Puerto Rico Files $1-Billion Climate Lawsuit against Oil Companies
After Falcon 9 Rocket Anomaly, SpaceX Seeks Rapid Return to Flight
The Fermi Paradox May Have a Very Simple Explanation
ChatGPT Isn't ‘Hallucinating'-It's Bullshitting!
Meet the Tornado Chasers and Scientists Hunting Real 'Twisters'
In Case Bird Flu Becomes a Pandemic, Countries Are Preparing
How Twisters Brought the Science of Storm Chasing to the Big Screen
These Animals are Physics Whizzes
How Venus' Quasi-Moon Zoozve Got Its Name
Geoengineering the Climate Could Harm the Planet, U.N. Fears
Asteroid Apophis Is Target of Europe's New Ramses Mission
COVID Rates Are Rising Again. Why Does SARS-CoV-2 Spread So Well in the Summer?
How Games Run Everything from Online Dating to Social Media to Stock Markets
The Nash Equilibrium Is the Optimal Poker Strategy. Expert Players Don't Always Use It
What Game Should I Play? Take This Interactive Quiz to Find Out
10 Ancient Games That Are Still Fun to Play
Why Almost Everyone Gets the Monty Hall Probability Puzzle Wrong
LARPing Made Me a Stronger Person. It Can Do the Same for You, Too
Science Crossword: Pseudoscience
What Do Baseball Pitchers Shohei Ohtani, Gerrit Cole and Shane Bieber Have in Common?
Games Rule the World-And Always Have
A Weird, Midsize Black Hole May Lurk in Omega Centauri
Can One Chatbot Catch Another's Lies?
How Does the World's Largest Library Decide What Becomes History?
Lab-Grown Meat Is Getting Closer to Tasting Like Real Beef

BBC Science/Nature

UK coal mine fights for future in court
Make electricity cheaper to boost heat pumps - climate advisers
Dinosaur skeleton fetches record $44.6m at auction
New tech aims to keep polar bears and people apart
Secret 'sky island' rainforest saved by new discoveries
Cave discovered on Moon could be home for humans
Titanic mission to map wreck in greatest-ever detail
Can we change how our brains age? These scientists think it's possible
IVF help for wild rhinos from zoo cousins
Footage reveals 'miracle eagle chick' in flight
No, UK weather is not being manipulated
Is climate change making hurricanes worse?
How Hollywood star Sheen helped uncover a dark secret
Crossbows and eerie silences – following Antarctic whales for climate change clues
Nature groups launch legal bid over wildlife loss
Call for UK agency to regulate harmful chemicals
Satellite to probe mystery of clouds and climate
27 new wild swimming sites for England - but are they clean?
Together in wonder: North America awed by total solar eclipse
Europe's Ariane-6 rocket blasts off on maiden flight
Satellite captures first-of-a-kind cloud image
Musk's SpaceX to destroy retired space station
Who owns the Moon? A new space race means it could be up for grabs

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