New Scientist

Tiny algae can photosynthesise and grow in the dark beneath Arctic ice
Magnetic microbots can hook up brain cells to make a neural network
Radiation exposure on the moon is nearly three times that on the ISS
Covid-19 news: Infection rate in England rises to one in 500 people
When things look bleak, thinking in terms of ‘hope horizons' can help
Rapid evolution due to extreme climate events could lead to extinction
When did the coronavirus really reach the US and Europe?
Coronavirus lockdown changed how birds sing in San Francisco
Carbon ribbons a few atoms wide could help make powerful computers
New species of tiny ‘fairy shrimp' found in the world's hottest desert
The absurd QAnon conspiracy theory is expanding into science denial
The longest whale dive ever recorded clocks in at almost 4 hours
Astronomers may have found the first planet in another galaxy
A robot called Curly beat top-ranked athletes at curling
Blood test could reveal if you will experience the placebo effect
Device can harvest wind energy from the breeze made when you walk
Doctor's diary: How can we deal with the long covid-19 symptoms?
How the UK can get its catastrophic coronavirus testing under control
China's 2060 carbon neutral pledge is a big deal but is it big enough?
Some frogs have evolved eyes that are far too big for their bodies
Young bats accept reality of climate change before older generations
Covid-19: Asymptomatic people may be more infectious than we thought
India about to overtake the US with highest covid-19 caseload globally
US science news biased against people with names of non-British origin
Birds that 'speak' with a flap of their wings have regional dialects
AI camera can tell what surfaces feel like with just a glance
People in Cape Verde evolved better malaria resistance in 550 years
Air pollution in China may have caused millions of deaths since 2000
UK coronavirus epidemic is doubling every seven days warn scientists
We must not become immune to the pandemic's heavy death toll

Scientific American

Is there Really Life on Venus? There's Only One Way Know for Sure
September 2020: The Art and Science of Efficient Manufacturing
How COVID-19 is Changing the English Language
Coronavirus News Roundup, September 19-September 25
COVID Collides with Weather Disasters to Affect Millions Worldwide
Fish Eggs Survive Journey through a Duck
How to Distribute a COVID-19 Vaccine Ethically
Fruit Flies Plug into the Matrix
Fluttering Feathers Could Spawn New Species
Bird Brains Are Far More Humanlike Than Once Thought
Migrating Tornadoes Bring Heightened Danger to the Southeast
What Research in Antarctica Tells Us about the Science of Isolation
Does 'Brain Training' Actually Work?
When and Why You Should Get a Flu Shot
The First Ever Image of a Black Hole Is Now a Movie
Watch a Robot AI Beat World-Class Curling Competitors
Is There Life on Venus? These Missions Could Find It
What COVID-19 Reinfection Means for Vaccines
China Says It Will Stop Releasing CO2 within 40 Years
Squeezing the Elephant
Social Distancing on a Cosmic Scale
COVID-19 Testing Lab Shows How Colleges Can Reopen Safely
Science News from around the World
How Justice Ginsburg's Death Could Affect Future Climate Rulings
The Next Administration Must Get Science and Technology Policy Right

BBC Science/Nature

What's in Boris Johnson's climate in tray?
Global warming driving California wildfire trends - study
UK can be 'Saudi Arabia of wind power' - PM
'My yacht was attacked by killer whales'
Climate change: China aims for 'carbon neutrality by 2060'
Tasmania pilot whales: Rescuers release 108 surviving animals
Sir David Attenborough breaks Jennifer Aniston's Instagram record
Low tax on heating is bad for climate, report says
How lockdown birds sang to a different tune
Missing golden eagle's tag 'wrapped in lead and dumped' in river
Mysterious beaked whale smashes mammal diving record
Nasa outlines plan for first woman on Moon by 2024
Covid-19: What do scientists think of the PM's plan?
M87*: History-making supermassive black hole seen to do a shimmy
Why do farmers get paid by taxpayers?
How the oil industry made us doubt climate change
Why forest fires in Siberia, Russia threaten us all
Plug-in hybrids are a 'wolf in sheep's clothing'

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