New Scientist

Mexico's latest plan to save endangered vaquitas could backfire
Most people who threatened to quit Twitter for Mastodon haven't left
The 3013 neurons in the brain of a fly larva have been mapped in full
Plasma sail spacecraft could soar like an albatross to Alpha Centauri
Trapping powder quickly removes all microplastics from water
Vaccine prompts HIV antibodies in 97 per cent of people in small study
First faecal transplant treatment approved for use in the US
JWST has taken pictures of clouds on Saturn's moon Titan
DeepMind AI uses deception to beat human players in war game Stratego
Yellowstone supervolcano contains twice as much melted rock as thought
Green Christmas: How to have an ethical and guilt-free festive season
Owl-like engravings from Copper Age may have been made by children
Newly discovered dinosaur has a streamlined body like a diving bird
Ancient megatsunami on Mars traced to the crater where it began
Flying squirrels carve nuts to store them securely in tree branches
Long-haul flights: bad for the planet, necessary for global research
Should we build wind turbines from wood?
China's failure to vaccinate makes giving up on zero covid a huge risk
Antibiotics encoded in Neanderthal DNA could help us fight infections
COP27 saw progress on climate reparations, but more action is needed
A quantum computer has simulated a wormhole for the first time
Sperm-blocking vaginal gel could be a reliable contraceptive method
Microfibres that pollute the seas are floating homes for bacteria
Plastic 'Pac-Man' moves using water ripples
COP15: What to expect at the biggest biodiversity summit in a decade
Ant pupae produce a nourishing liquid food for larvae and adults
Ancient bird with a movable beak rewrites the story of avian evolution
Star ripped up by black hole is one of the brightest things ever seen
Alzheimer's drug lecanemab slows cognitive decline but concerns linger
An mRNA vaccine protects mice against deadly plague bacteria

Scientific American

Poem: 'Uncertain-Sea Principle'
'Chatty Turtles' Flip the Script on the Evolutionary Origins of Vocalization in Animals
Indigenous Tribes in U.S. Will Get $75 Million for Climate Relocation
Ants Can Produce Milk for Their Young (and Old)
Ancient Sawfish Help to Illuminate Our Teeth's Scaly Origins
U.S. Embassies Face Growing Risk from Climate Change, Government Watchdog Says
Heralded Alzheimer's Drug Works, but Safety Concerns Loom
Why Mauna Loa and Other Hawaiian Volcanoes Are Different from Most
One in 10 Who Menstruate Suffer from Endometriosis. Why Do We Know So Little about It?
A Year of Wonder, Awe and Discovery
Autism Treatment Shifts Away from 'Fixing' the Condition
50, 100 & 150 Years Ago: December 2022
Readers Respond to the August 2022 Issue
Milky Way Census Shows Stars Take Varied Paths
Are the James Webb Space Telescope's Pictures 'Real'?
How Beavers Shaped America, from Capitalism to Climate Change
Fatherhood Changes Men's Brain, according to Before-and-After MRI Scans
Students with HIV Need Support
5 Billion People Will Face Water Shortages by 2050, U.N. Says
On December 7 the Moon Will Photobomb Mars
Is Our Universe a Hologram? Physicists Debate Famous Idea on Its 25th Anniversary
Tardigrades, an Unlikely Sleeping Beauty
'Mind Control' Parasite Makes Wolves Effective Pack Leaders
China and Russia Continue to Block Protections for Antarctica
Mauna Loa, Earth's Largest Active Volcano, Just Woke Up after 38 Years

BBC Science/Nature

Tasmanian tiger: Remains of last thylacine found in cupboard after 85 years
Russia: Bodies of 2,500 seals found along Caspian Sea coast
Earthshot Prize: Prince William announces five winners
Notpla: UK plastic-alternative developer among £1m Earthshot Prize winners
Out on a spacewalk with Nasa astronauts at the ISS
Bristol: Fossil shows lizards millions of years older than thought
Bright-eyed tree frog wins ecology photo prize
Nature-based farming-subsidies scheme given green light
Batteries linked to hundreds of waste fires
Bird flu: Free range turkey supplies hit by bird flu
Somalia meteorite: Joy as scientists find two new minerals
Shenzhou-15: China sends new crew to Tiangong space station
Artemis: Nasa's Orion capsule breaks distance record
Bird flu: What is it and what's behind the outbreak?
Climate change: Wasted methane gas 'a scandal'
COP27: Climate costs deal struck but no fossil fuel progress
Climate change: Five key takeaways from COP27
COP27: Without Greta, activists make waves at climate summit
COP27: Lack of women at negotiations raises concern
Climate change: Dimming Earth, mustard shortages and other odd side-effects
What is COP27 and why is it important?
Disabled man joins European Space Agency's astronaut programme
Nasa's Artemis spacecraft arrives at the Moon

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