New Scientist

Experimental diabetes device works by killing gut cells with hot water
There probably isn't as much fake news in the media as we think
Coronavirus latest: US hospitals come under increasing strain
Coronavirus will play out very differently in world's poorest nations
Why we still don't know what the death rate is for covid-19
Supermassive stars may have formed by repeatedly eating their siblings
Our approach to covid-19 can also help tackle climate change
Coronavirus: China wildlife trade ban could become law within months
Hunt for George Clooney's face explains how stress affects decisions
Diet and exercise will keep your brain young – depending on your genes
Orangutans and other great apes under threat from covid-19 pandemic
How to get the health benefits of nature when you're stuck inside
Delaying the COP26 climate talks could have a silver lining
Venus may have an underground magma ocean spanning the whole planet
Diets do help you lose weight - but the benefits usually don't last
Europe's cave bears may have died out because of their large sinuses
Will the spread of covid-19 be affected by changing seasons?
We may now know what our common ancestor with Neanderthals looked like
The hunt for patient zero: Where did the coronavirus outbreak start?
Tiny bird-like dinosaur discovered in amber might actually be a lizard
Microrobots made from pollen help remove toxic mercury from wastewater
Male bottlenose dolphins synchronise their calls to attract females
We now know what causes wine ‘legs' to drip down inside a glass
New York City's coronavirus outbreak is already overwhelming hospitals
Rock peeling off continents may have triggered biggest mass extinction
Sharks are easier to catch in cooler waters, and we have no idea why
World's most essential open-source code to be stored in Arctic vault
Covid-19 has caused a drop in emissions – but it's not a climate fix
Even a computer the size of the universe can't predict everything
Blood test shows promise for detecting the deadliest cancers early

Scientific American

COVID-19: The Need for Secure Labs--and Their Risks
Why Social Media are Crucial for Frontline Physicians in the Fight Against COVID-19
How Sewage Could Reveal True Scale of Coronavirus Outbreak
Climate Change Has Doubled Riskiest Fire Days in California
Mathematical Proof That Rocked Number Theory Will Be Published
Note to Polluters: Salmon Are Sensible Fish
Coronavirus Disrupts Vital Field Research--Including Disease Transmission Work
The Challenge of Finding Genome-Based Cancer Treatments
Why the Coronavirus Slipped Past Disease Detectives
Squid's Glowing Skin Patterns May Be Code
U.N. Postpones Global Climate Summit Over Pandemic Concerns
Polling Shows Signs of Public Trust in Institutions amid the Pandemic
Chalk in Bread Causes Kidney Stones
Map Reveals Hidden U.S. Hotspots of Coronavirus Infection
High-Tech Ghost Ships Will Set Sail sans Sailors
STEM Education Needs a Course Correction
Our Trust in Science Is Complicated
The Loneliness of the "Social Distancer" Triggers Brain Cravings Akin to Hunger
Bird Fossil Shared Earth with T. rex
Cats Can Get Coronavirus, Study Suggests--But Pet Owners Need Not Panic
NASA's Next Solar Mission Will Use Six Spacecraft to Make One Giant Telescope
Several States, Environmental Groups Vow to Sue Over Car Pollution Rollback
Antibiotic Resistance Could Lead to More COVID-19 Deaths
Scientists Fear Second Coronavirus Wave as China's Lockdowns Ease
Coronavirus Lockdowns Have Changed the Way Earth Moves

BBC Science/Nature

10 years to save 'world's most threatened sea turtle'
Coronavirus will transform UK work and travel, says AA
Conifer is top tree in urban sound absorption test
Three human-like species lived side-by-side in ancient Africa
Dr William Frankland, allergy scientist pioneer, dies aged 108
UK using 1.2 billion tonnes of material a year
Coronavirus: Expert panel to assess face mask use by public
'Dinosaurs walked through Antarctic rainforests'
Coronavirus forces postponement of COP26 meeting in Glasgow
Oceans can be successfully restored by 2050, say scientists
Hungry black hole may be cosmic 'missing link'
Coronavirus: Are loss of smell and taste key symptoms?
Coronavirus: Lockdown prompts clear fall in UK air pollution
Self-isolation proves a boon to rainfall project
Coronavirus: Potential drug treatment starts UK trials
Machine translates brainwaves into sentences
Climate change: Warming clips the nightingale's wings
Plastic: How to predict threats to animals in oceans and rivers
Antarctica prompts questions that matter
Coronavirus: Air pollution and CO2 fall rapidly as virus spreads
Electric car emissions myth 'busted'
Natural history TV 'boosts species awareness'
What is climate change? A really simple guide
The 'climate doomers' preparing for society to fall apart
Climate change: Will planting millions of trees really save the planet?
Greta Thunberg: What does the teenage climate change activist want?
Thomas Becket: Alpine ice sheds light on medieval murder
Coronavirus: Clear nights skies delight photographers
Peacock spiders show more of their colours
Coronavirus: Lockdown 'must become the social norm'

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