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Is it time for Western Australia to open up and let covid-19 in?
Infrared goggles and vibrating armband help people who are blind ‘see'
The UK still won't say how much CO2 its Net Zero Strategy will save
Covid-19 brain fog: What we know about lingering neurological effects
Babies can tell who's closely related from whether they share saliva
Antibiotic resistance killed more people than malaria or AIDS in 2019
Elephant's trunk may be one of most sensitive body parts of any animal
It's official – we don't know how fast the universe is expanding
How does the sun shine? Here's why we are still a little in the dark
Genetically modified pig kidneys transplanted into a brain-dead person
Fix the Planet newsletter: The weird and wonderful rivals to batteries
Toxic chemicals are everywhere in our daily lives – can we avoid them?
Yutu-2 lunar rover finds sticky soil on the far side of the moon
Pristine coral reef discovered in deep water off the coast of Tahiti
Gene-edited food is 5 years away in England, says government scientist
Artificial pancreas is 'life-changing' for children with diabetes
Antibody imaging technique could make it faster to develop vaccines
Svalbard glacier ice loss projected to roughly double by 2100
Weird black hole spewed star-forming jets 500 light years long
UK companies could face fines for failing to patch Log4j vulnerability
Covid-19 news: Most short-term vaccine symptoms down to nocebo effect
Climate change made the past 7 years the warmest on record
Dinosaur ancestor of long-necked Diplodocus ran swiftly on two legs
Air pollution makes it harder for pollinators to find plants
New-to-science tarantula that lives inside bamboo found by YouTuber
Will 5G mobile networks in the US really interfere with aircraft?
Phage therapies for superbug infections are being tested in Belgium
Living with covid: How can the pandemic end and what will it be like?
First fully programmable quantum computer based on neutral atoms
AI learns to create images from text descriptions by destroying data

Scientific American

Discarded 1990s Energy Invention Makes a Comeback
To Fully Mitigate Climate Change, We Need to Curb Methane Emissions
Billionaires Bankroll Cell Rejuvenation Tech as the Latest Gambit to Slow Aging
These Are the Latest COVID Treatments
Greenland Could Melt for Millennia If Warming Stopped Today
How Marine Wildlife can Coexist With Offshore Wind [Sponsored]
Our Best Bets against COVID
SpaceX's Starlink Satellites Leave Streaks in Asteroid-Hunting Telescope's Images
Ash Blanketing Tonga after Volcano Eruption Creates Health Concerns
Pig Kidneys Transplanted to Human in Milestone Experiment
Borderline Personality Disorder May Be Rooted in Trauma
New York's Central Park Becomes a Living Climate Laboratory
COVID Threatens to Bring a Wave of Hikikomori to America
Tonga Volcano Eruption Created Puzzling Ripples in Earth's Atmosphere
COVID Quickly, Episode 21: Colds Build COVID Immunity, and the Omicron Vaccine Delay
Latest COVID Surge Pushes Parents to Next-Level Stress
Telltale Tsunami Sounds Could Buy More Warning Time
5G Devices Are about to Change Your Life
Why the Tonga Eruption Was So Violent, and What to Expect Next
What Is Spacetime Really Made Of?
Big Questions about Space, Time, Neandertals, Psychedelics and Reality
Sounds of Mosquitoes' Mating Rituals Could Help Fight Malaria
Hypersonic Weapons Can't Hide from New Eyes in Space
In a First, an 'Atomic Fountain' Has Measured the Curvature of Spacetime
Gene Variant May Have Helped Ancient Humans Survive Starvation

BBC Science/Nature

Fly-tipping: Government plans to tackle 'new narcotics' of waste crime
False banana: Is Ethiopia's enset 'wondercrop' for climate change?
Giant pristine coral reef discovered off Tahiti
River pollution: Shake-up call for investigations in Wales
Radar satellite's stunning map of UK and Ireland
Sewage regularly dumped illegally in England and Wales rivers
Should bad science be censored on social media?
Plastic crisis needs binding treaty, report says
The people moving from high to low-carbon careers
Climate-related deaths fall in England and Wales - ONS
Climate change: Wales has 'duty' due to coal mining history
The 'green' row over the UK's largest renewable power plant
Energy bills: Fix insulation to tackle cost of heating, PM told
Veg diet plus re-wilding gives 'double climate dividend'
Climate change destroying homes across the Arctic
SLS: Nasa fixes glitchy megarocket equipment ahead of key test
Why satellites are key to understanding Pacific volcano
Space travel destroys red blood cells faster than on Earth
Durham University fibre-optics help largest 3D map of Universe
Elon Musk rejects claims that his satellites are hogging space
James Webb: A $10bn machine in search of the end of darkness
South Georgia: The museum at the end of the world reopens for business
Rutland sea dragon: How remarkable ichthyosaur fossil was protected
How a colossal block of ice became an obsession
'As a black woman in STEM I'm used for photo opportunities'
Antarctica: Invasive species 'hitchhiking' on ships
Ichthyosaur: Huge fossilised ‘sea dragon' found in Rutland reservoir
Antibiotic-resistant superbug evolved on hedgehogs
Wildlife's winners and losers of 2021 - and how extreme weather set the tone
Appeal to identify scientific curiosities of the past

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