New Scientist

Covid-19 dashboard: Cases, deaths and vaccinations
Simple make-up tips can help you avoid face recognition software
Alok Sharma: COP26 is for ordinary people, not just climate warriors
Ecological grief is devastating but it may help us stop climate change
Hyenas make faces at each other when they want to play-fight
Covid-19 news: US approves booster vaccines for over-65s
Changing how drugs are approved in England mustn't endanger safety
Birds flocked to North American cities during covid-19 lockdowns
Dinosaurs may have waggled their tails to help walk more efficiently
Why covid-19 hospitalisations may soar in England despite vaccination
Story of epic human voyages across Polynesia revealed by genetics
Tiny sensors inspired by gliding seeds could monitor the environment
4D-printed robot self-assembles into a tube and rolls up hills
WHO calls for lower limits on air pollution to save millions of lives
La Palma volcano eruption: Warning signs may have been there for years
Melbourne rocked by Victoria's biggest earthquake on record
SpaceX's Inspiration4 marks a shift towards privacy for space tourists
Quantum supremacy has been achieved by a more complex quantum computer
Stroke rehab should be offered for months longer than it currently is
We can now bioengineer catnip instead of extracting it from plants
Blame fossil fuels, not renewables, for the UK's winter energy crisis
Maps of planetary nurseries will help the complex hunt for alien life
Covid-19 has laid bare social inequities – now is the time to fix them
Quantum computer helps to design a better quantum computer
The BepiColombo spacecraft is about to make its first Mercury fly-by
Woman who first gained sense of smell at age 24 finds it disturbing
Mushballs inside Uranus and Neptune may solve an atmospheric mystery
UN says global carbon emissions set to rise 16 per cent by 2030
Watch cuttlefish migrate together in a defensive line with a lookout
City-wide quantum data network in China is the largest ever built

Scientific American

Social Security Numbers Aren't Secure: What Should We Use Instead?
Footprint Discovery Hints at Humans in the Americas More Than 20,000 Years Ago
Wildfire Is Transforming Alaska and Amplifying Climate Change
Bringing Fisheries Back from the Brink
Why the Term 'JEDI' Is Problematic for Describing Programs That Promote Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
Don't Count on Billionaires to Get Humanity into Space
Some Dinosaurs May Have Wagged their Tails to Help Them Run
When Will Kids' COVID Vaccines Be Available?
Invasive Cheatgrass Spreads Under City Lights
China Says It Will Stop Financing Coal Power Abroad
How Facebook Hinders Misinformation Research
New Type of Dark Energy Could Solve Universe Expansion Mystery
Winged Microchips Glide like Tree Seeds
Meet the Bat Woman and Bat Man of India
NASA Unveils Ice-Hunting VIPER Rover's Lunar Landing Site
Agroecology Is the Solution to World Hunger
The Nail-Biting Journey of NASA's James Webb Space Telescope Is About to Begin
SpaceX's Private Inspiration4 Crew Is Back on Earth
The Educational Power--and the Limits--of Personalized Children's Books
Storm-Steering Jet Stream Could Shift Poleward in 40 Years
Dinosaurs Lived--and Made Little Dinos--in the Arctic
Kids' Fossilized Handprints May Be Some of the World's Oldest Art
Discrimination Persists in Society--but Who Discriminates?
Making Eye Contact Signals a New Turn in a Conversation
COVID-Overwhelmed Hospitals Strain Staff and Hope to Avoid Rationing Care

BBC Science/Nature

Footprints in New Mexico are oldest evidence of humans in the Americas
Climate change: Construction companies told to stop knocking down buildings
Covid: Immune therapy from llamas shows promise
Boris Johnson: Humanity is reaching a turning point on climate change
Air pollution: Even worse than we thought - WHO
President Biden urges unity in first UN speech amid tensions with allies
China pledges to stop building new coal energy plants abroad
PPE hospital masks find new life stopping plastic waste
Gas price crisis: Food firms face huge price rise for carbon dioxide
M25 protests: Protesters 'may cause serious injury or death'
Climate reporting reaches melting point
Rich nations must increase climate support funds, says Boris Johnson
COP 26: How much is the developing world getting to fight climate change?
Life at 50C: Heat hitting home in Australia
Climate change: UN warning over nations' climate plans
Nasa selects landing site for Moon rover mission
SpaceX: Inspiration4 amateur astronauts return to Earth after three days
Inspiration4: All-amateur space crew enjoy views of Earth
Astronauts return to Earth after China's longest space mission
Why is there a CO2 shortage and how will it hit food supplies?
Antarctic: Exhibition recalls Ernest Shackleton's final quest
Climate change: Should green campaigners put more pressure on China to slash emissions?
Ocean Photographer of the Year 2021
Climate change: World now sees twice as many days over 50C
Mangrove forests: Photography winners show beauty of ecosystems
Sir Clive Sinclair: Tireless inventor ahead of his time

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