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The US Has a Plan to Document Human Rights Violations in Ukraine
NASA's InSight Mars Lander's Days Are Numbered
Your iPhone Is Vulnerable to a Malware Attack Even When It's Off
The Fight for Abortion Rights Is a Battle Over History
Adam Mosseri Says He Wants Big Tech to Give Up Control
Everything You Need to Make Beer, Wine, Cider, and Mead
The Internet Origin Story You Know Is Wrong
The 6 Best Camping Stoves for Your Next Outdoor Adventure
The 30 Best Gift Ideas for the New Grad in Your Life
Drones Are Turning Into Personal Flying Machines
The RedMagic 7 Pro Is a Gaming Powerhouse
The US Military Is Building Its Own Metaverse
This Gene Mutation Breaks the Immune System. Why Has It Survived?
Widely Available AI Could Have Deadly Consequences
How to Order Your Free At-Home Covid-19 Tests
What's the Deal With Synesthesia TikTok?
US Courts Are Coming After Crypto Exchanges That Skirt Sanctions
Feds Warn Employers Against Discriminatory Hiring Algorithms
Our Favorite Audiophile-Grade Gear for Serious Listening
Slow Internet? Here's How to Run a Wi-Fi Speed Check
In Memoriam: Forgetting Your Password
Amazon Has Too Many Warehouses. Now Sellers Are Paying More
The Bad Times Are Coming for Startups
The Post-Roe Battleground for Abortion Pills Will Be Your Mailbox
The Best Vinyl Accessories to Jazz Up Your Analog Audio
Could Life Use a Longer Genetic Code? Maybe, but It's Unlikely
If Tech Fails to Design for the Most Vulnerable, It Fails Us All
How to Turn Any Document Into a PDF
How to Stay Cool Without Air-Conditioning
Tips for Cargo Biking With Your Kids


New York Now Has More Airbnb Listings Than Apartments For Rent
Hong Kong Considers Blocking Telegram As Part of Crackdown On Doxing
'I Want An iPhone Mini-Sized Android Phone!'
FreeBSD 13.1 Released
DeepMind Unveils 'Gato' AI Capable of Completing a Wide Range of Complex Tasks
Apple Now Letting Developers Automatically Charge for Some Subscription Price Increases
China Chipmaker SMIC Says Phone, PC Demand Has Dropped 'Like a Rock'
Angry IT Admin Wipes Employer's Databases, Gets 7 Years In Prison
Russia Says It's Not Planning To Block YouTube or Cut Itself Off From Internet
Software Freedom Conservancy Wins Big Step Forward For Open-Source Rights
Ransomware Gang Threatens To Overthrow Costa Rica Government
Microsoft Names Info-Stealers That Target Crypto Wallets 'Cryware'
Fed Chair Says Interest Rates Should Have Gone Up Sooner
US Officials Say Pentagon Committed To Understanding UFO Origins
Google Will Start Distributing a Security-Vetted Collection of Open-Source Software Libraries


Grubhub's free lunch offer in NYC crashed its website and app
Sony's latest PlayStation 5 console covers arrive next month
Netflix lays off 150 mostly US-based staff
Apple softens its stance on remote work amid return-to-office delays
Blizzard will show off more 'Overwatch 2' on June 16th
Hyundai's luxury Genesis brand opens US orders for its first EV
Eve's HomeKit-only Outdoor Cam is now available for $250
A Dead by Daylight dating sim will arrive this summer
Ford's Argo AI begins driverless vehicle operations in Austin and Miami
Meta has nearly doubled the amount of violent content removed from Facebook
Apple Store employees accuse company of union busting
Disney+ won't show ads to preschoolers on its new streaming plan
Plant-based 'whole' eggs could be served in US restaurants this year
What to look for in an electric lawn mower
Mastercard's pay-with-a-smile test is bound to rile privacy advocates (updated)
Almond Cow provides a quick and (less) dirty way to make plant milk at home
Ford added GT power (and fun) to the Mach-E
We ran every test you could think of on the M1 Ultra
You can practice for a job interview with Google AI
Apple Music will livestream concerts, starting with Harry Styles
Netflix is using subscribers as focus groups for unreleased shows
ASUS' Flow X16 2-in-1 gaming laptop features a 165Hz mini-LED display
The best online resources for cooking at all skill levels
WhatsApp is testing a feature that lets you quietly leave groups
Apple adds systemwide Live Captions as part of larger accessibility update

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