How Duolingo became a $2.4B language unicorn
How one founder realized the potential of sustainable energy stored deep below our feet
This Week in Apps: App Store advertising expands, Google Play plans for safety, Epic v. Apple trial begins
Cowboy launches the Cowboy 4 e-bike, with a step-through version and built-in phone charger
When the Earth is gone, at least the internet will still be working
Daily Crunch: A huge fintech exit as the week ends
Tesla refutes Elon Musk's timeline on ‘full self-driving'
Betting on upcoming startup markets
Extra Crunch roundup: How Duolingo became an edtech leader
Sennheiser sells off its consumer brand
Longevity startup Gero AI has a mobile API for quantifying health changes
Autonomous vehicle pioneers Karl Iagnemma and Chris Urmson are coming to TC Sessions: Mobility 2021
Walmart's Flipkart to cover insurance for all sellers in India and waive additional fees
What Square's smashing earnings tell us about consumer bitcoin demand
Toyota AI Ventures and May Mobility will talk the future of the transportation industry on Extra Crunch Live
TC Sessions: Mobility 2021 early-bird price extended for one more day
Credit Karma reinvents cash-back rewards with instant payback
To buy time for a failing startup, recreate the engineering process
$99 passes to TC Disrupt 2021 disappear next week
If 12% is the new 30%, 4% is the new 12%


ISPs Funded 8.5 Million Fake Comments Opposing Net Neutrality
Microsoft Will Soon Kill Flash on Windows 10 for Good
Microsoft's 15-Inch Surface Laptop 4 Is a Battery Champion
What's the Point of Wasps, Anyway?
These 5 Great Weighted Blankets Are on Sale Right Now
Want to Grow Your Own Food? Try a Hydroponic Garden
Trump Abused the System. Facebook Created It
22 Last-Minute Mother's Day Gifts on Sale Now
Twitter's Tip Jar Privacy Fiasco Was Entirely Avoidable
Pfizer's FDA Request, Vaccine Diplomacy, and More News
Sci-Fi About Overpopulation Was Way Off
Epic v. Apple and the Plan to Avoid ‘Looking Like the Baddies'
24 Essential PS4 Games Every Player Should Try
The Bill and Melinda Gates Divorce Memes Are Freaking Me Out
Why Amy Klobuchar Just Wrote 600 Pages on Antitrust
The Powerful, Complicated Women of Resident Evil
Resident Evil Has Had a Rocky Relationship With Multiplayer
Here's the Truth About Section 230
Bats Raised in Helium-Rich Air Reveal a Key to Echolocation
Sisters With Transistors Puts Women Back Into Music History
Apollo's Ghost E-Scooter Is So Powerful, It's Scary
The Wolf Tree and the World Wide Web
Sharks Use the Earth's Magnetic Field Like a Compass
What a Crossword AI Reveals About Humans' Way With Words
Which Google Pixel Phone (and Gear) Should You Buy?
Here's a Calendar Trick to Ease Post-Pandemic Reentry
KEF's New Wireless Bookshelf Speakers Are Modern Marvels
Twitter Groups Offer India a Covid-19 Lifeline
The Statistical Secrets of Covid-19 Vaccines
Everything You've Heard About Section 230 Is Wrong


'Ghost Gun' Loophole Leads US Justice Dept to Propose New Definition of 'Firearm'
'Despite Chip Shortage, Chip Innovation Is Booming'
Cyberattack Forces Major US Pipeline Company to Halt Operations
New Studies Show Covid-19 Vaccines' Effectiveness Against Variants
New Audio From Mars Captures Sounds of Ingenuity Helicopter's Flight
Facebook Criticized For 'Arbitrary' Suspension of Trump -- by Its Own Oversight Board
Honeywell Admits Sending F-35, F-22 Technical Drawings To China
Bayer Loses Fight Over Chemicals EU Blamed For Killing Bees
Amazon Is Turning Hit Sci-Fi Podcast 'From Now' Into a TV Show
Nuclear Reactions Are Smoldering Again At Chernobyl
Sinopharm: Chinese Covid Vaccine Gets WHO Emergency Approval
Sennheiser Sells Its Consumer Audio Business To Hearing Aid Specialist Sonova
Elon Musk's Own Engineers Say He Exaggerates Autopilot Capabilities
The Coronavirus Is an Airborne Threat, the CDC Acknowledges In Updated Public Guidance
LiveLeak, the Internet's Font of Gore and Violence, Has Shut Down


Toshiba launches a new lineup of Fire TV Edition televisions
Denon, Marantz and Yamaha address 4K, 8K and 120Hz gaming issues
UFC pay-per-view events are now available through ESPN+ on Hulu
Netflix explores building an online hub around its original content
A free-to-play The Division game is on the way
Can the Oversight Board force Facebook to follow its own rules?
Twitter makes in-app tipping official with 'Tip Jar'
'Animal Crossing' and 'StarCraft' join the Video Game Hall of Fame
YouTube TV is now available on PlayStation 5
Facebook adds new audio and inbox features to Messenger and Instagram
Amazon is turning hit sci-fi podcast 'From Now' into a TV show
Google will require privacy data in Play Store listings
NBC is bringing some Olympic Games coverage to Twitch
Google expands Broadcast and adds more family-friendly Assistant features
NY AG report finds 18 million FCC net neutrality comments were fake
TikTok works with Streamlabs' tipping and livestream tools
Google is turning on two-factor authentication by default
Brave's iOS browser now queues music and videos in a playlist
Call of Duty League will resume in-person events on June 17th
Square Enix, Bandai Namco and Sega confirmed for this year's virtual E3
HP's latest all-in-one comes with AI noise reduction
Find wine you love (and find out why) with Bright Cellars
'Outriders' creators finally begin restoring your lost gear
Citroën turned its compact Ami EV into a tiny delivery van
'Returnal' patch fixes the save-breaking issue from yesterday's update

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