Houzz raises a huge $400M round at a $4B valuation
Taking a ride in MIT's self-driving wheelchair
Binary Capital reportedly delays closing new fund amid controversy
The Sony A9 inches the mirrorless camera market forward
Headstart wants to better analyze candidates to fit them with the best jobs
Tumblr says it fixed the ‘Safe Mode' glitch that hid innocent posts, including LGBTQ+ content
Coinbase is reimbursing losses caused by the Ethereum flash crash
Relevnt launches a publisher-centric news app
5 burning questions Blue Apron's IPO is about to answer
Not a minimalist? Startups will gladly store, manage and deliver your items
Crunch Report | Google To Stop Scanning Inboxes
Seattle Police Department suspends its Twitch channel following Charleena Lyles controversy
Five building blocks of a data-driven culture
Andrew Ng announces, his new venture after leaving Baidu
For Binary Capital's investors, a public apology may fall short
Uber has seen a sharp drop in new driver retention this year: Apptopia
Walmart reportedly won't bid for Whole Foods after Amazon's huge offer
VC Justin Caldbeck is taking an indefinite leave of absence, apologizes to the women he ‘made feel uncomfortable'
SpaceX successfully launches reused Falcon 9 rocket, recovers first stage
Watch a tiny virus take a constitutional under a laser-powered 3D microscope


'Prisoners of Gravity': Hey, TV Sci-Fi Can Have Ideas After All
Obama Failed to Punish Russian Hacking, and Other Security News This Week
Honda's Self-Driving Approach Starts With the Acura NSX Supercar
Space Photos of the Week: Galaxy Is a Big, Dusty Star Machine
Plastic Water Bottles Might Have Poisoned Ancient Californians
How To Turn Off Snapchat's Stalkerish Snap Map Feature
Why Aren't More Employees Suing Uber?
Samsung's Classy New TV Moonlights as a Work of Art
ORide Is a Prototype for an Encrypted Uber That Can't Track You
'The Bad Batch': Every Good Director Needs a Messy Second Movie
Watch the Coolest, Scariest Display Flights of the 2017 Paris Air Show
Netflix's New Gawker vs. Hulk Hogan Doc Has Us All Conflicted
ORWL's Ultra-Secure PC Self Destructs if Someone Messes With It
Google Unveils an AI Investment Fund. It's Betting on an App Store for Algorithms.
As Uber Flails, Its Self-Driving Car Research Rolls On
Watch SpaceX Fire Off Its Second Flight-Proven Falcon 9
No One Has the Data to Prevent the Next Flint
The Senate Health Bill Is a Disaster for the Opioid Crisis
Senators Push Trump for Answers on Power Grid Malware Attack
With VR180, YouTube Steps Gingerly Toward Virtual Reality
Why Net Neutrality Matters
Exoskeletons Don't Come One-Size-Fits-All ... Yet
The Woman Who Gave You the Video Game 'Journey' Returns With a VR Fairy Tale
Tech Metaphors Are Holding Back Brain Research
Gritty Photos of the News Crews That Never Stop Rolling
Punkt MP01 Review: You'll Love This Very Smart Dumbphone
The Top 10 Flying Car Designs, From Airbus to Larry Page
Brendan Fraser's Facebook Fan Page Is the Last Pure Place Online
Art Fight! The Pinkest Pink Versus the Blackest Black
Don't Fall for the 'Memory' Pills Targeting Baby Boomers


Germany Cracks Down On Illegal Speech On Social Media.
Linus Explains What Surprises Him After 25 Years Of Linux
State Legislators Want Surveillance Cameras To Catch Uninsured Drivers
Survey Says: Raspberry Pi Still Rules, But X86 SBCs Have Made Gains
Should Your Company Switch To Microservices?
Researcher Finds Critical OpenVPN Bug Using Fuzzing
UK Parliament Emails Closed After 'Sustained And Determined' Cyber-Attack
'Stack Clash' Linux Flaw Enables Root Access. Patch Now
Former Slashdot Contributor Jon Katz Believes He Can Talk To Animals
Phoronix Announces '2017 Linux Laptop Survey'
The People GoFundMe Leaves Behind
Sci-Hub Ordered To Pay $15 Million In Piracy Damages
FCC Grants OneWeb Approval To Launch Over 700 Satellites For 'Space Internet'
Obama Authorized a Secret Cyber Operation Against Russia, Says Report
32TB of Windows 10 Internal Builds, Core Source Code Leak Online


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