Water Abundance Xprize's $1.5M winner shows how to source fresh water from the air
Los Angeles investors and entrepreneurs launch PledgeLA, a diversity and inclusion program
Looks like Tiger Global Management just closed the second biggest venture fund this year
Guillermo del Toro is making a stop-motion Pinocchio movie for Netflix
Uber's head of corporate development resigns
The future of photography is code
Richard Branson steps down as chairman of Virgin Hyperloop One
Ford expands self-driving vehicle program to Washington, D.C.
A look at the Android Market (aka Google Play) on its 10th Anniversary
Cowboy, the Belgian e-bike startup, raises €10M Series A
Lime will open brick-and-mortar scooter ‘lifestyle stores'
Oculus co-founder is leaving Facebook after cancellation of ‘Rift 2' headset
Saudi Arabia's ‘Davos in the Desert' website was hacked and defaced
YouTube CEO says EU's new copyright legislation threatens jobs, smaller creators
Square details compensation and promotion practices
Netflix to raise $2 billion in debt to fund more original content
The White House hopes tech employees will drive government innovation
Pair Eyewear, the customizable glasses brand for kids, raises $1 million
Gjemeni puts your couch in a box
eBay launches Instant Selling, a new trade-in service for smartphones


How a Turkish Airlines Jet Flew an Extra 800 Miles and Landed on Time
Netflix Hiring Guillermo del Toro to Make 'Pinocchio' Isn't About Kids-It's About Oscars
Your Poop Is Probably Full of Plastic
Scientists Help Robots 'Evolve.' Weirdness Ensues
Star Wars News: Here's a Buttload of Information About 'The Mandalorian'
DNA Tests Could Help Docs Detect Infectious Diseases Like Typhus Faster
Caavo Control Center & Universal Remote (Version 2) Review
Meet Jim Allison, the Carousing Texan Who Just Won a Nobel Prize For His Cancer Breakthrough
Kim Stanley Robinson Writes Like the Past to Warn of the Future
An Alternative History of Silicon Valley Disruption
Google Home Hub Review: A Step Forward for the Smart Home, But Your Phone Still Rules
Tesla's New Model 3, Lime's New Scooter, and More This Week in the Future of Cars
Trump's Tweets (Once Again) Top This Week's Internet News Roundup
Review: The Updated Fitbit Charge 3 is More of the Same, but Better
How to Stream the MLB 2018 World Series Without Cable
The Titan M Chip Powers Up Pixel 3 Security
'Oumuamua Was Neither Comet nor Asteroid...So What Was It?
Photo Gallery: Pulsars Beam Like Lighthouses in the Cosmos
Apple Data Downloads, A Dating App for Trump Fans, and More Security News This Week
Dungeons & Dragons Art Is Finally Getting the Respect It Deserves
14 Awesome Game, Console, Headset, and Controller Deals
To Curb Terrorist Propaganda Online, Look to YouTube. No, Really.
What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Paul Allen's Second Act
Shane Dawson's Jake Paul Documentary Shows the Price of Giving People What They Want
Skip Scooters Get a Latch So They Don't Junk up the Sidewalks
Gadget Lab Podcast: Pinterest's Evan Sharp on What Makes Good Software
Tesla's New 'Mid-Range' Model 3 Is the iPhone XR of Cars
Russian Trolls Are Still Playing Both Sides-Even With the Mueller Probe
Inside Facebook's Stormy Debate Over 'Political Diversity'
iPhone XR: Where to Order, Best Prices (and 5 Cheap Alternatives)


Netflix To Raise $2 Billion In Debt To Fund More Original Content
Oculus Co-founder is Leaving Facebook After Cancellation of 'Rift 2' Headset
16-Year-Old Dethrones Tetris World Champion With Difficult Hyper-Tap Technique
AWS CEO Andy Jassy Follows Apple In Calling For Retraction of Chinese Spy Chip Story
SQLite Adopts 'Monastic' Code of Conduct
Oxygen-Rich Liquid Water May Exist on Mars
Now Apps Can Track You Even After You Uninstall Them
Chinese Company Oppo is the Latest To Be Caught Cheating on Phone Benchmarks
A Device That Can Pull Drinking Water From the Air Just Won the Latest XPrize
Microsoft's Problem Isn't How Often it Updates Windows -- It's How It Develops It
YouTubers Will Enter Politics, And If They Do, They're Probably Going To Win
China Requires Blockchain-Based Information Service Providers To Register Users Using Real Names, Censor Postings and Store User Data
Linus Torvalds is Back in Charge of Linux
Intel Has Killed off the 10nm Process, Report Says
Hack On 8 Adult Websites Exposes Oodles of Intimate User Data


What's on TV: 'RDR 2,' Hasan Minhaj, 'Sabrina' and 'Channel Zero'
US DOT tells self-driving shuttle company to stop transporting kids
Report says NASA lost historical artifacts due to lax procedures
NBC Sports adds ‘Snow Pass' to its hyper-specific streaming options
Ford is the first company to test self-driving cars in Washington, DC
Intellivision's Amico is the latest retro console revival
Uber's drone-based food delivery could begin in 2021
Richard Branson steps down as Virgin Hyperloop One chairman
‘Devil May Cry 5' fans in Japan get insane $8,000 bundle
Faraday Future confirms layoffs and wage cuts as struggles continue
Spotify tests feature that highlights new releases
YouTube CEO says proposed EU copyright law threatens creators
Netflix orders more of Matt Groening's 'Disenchantment'
Discovery and PGA Tour team up on GOLFTV streaming service
Oculus co-founder Brendan Iribe leaves Facebook
Addison Lee's self-driving taxis could hit London by 2021
Mars may have enough oxygen underneath its surface for life
Netflix taps Gullermo del Toro to direct 'Pinocchio' launches second autonomous ride-hailing pilot in Texas
Samsung's updated mixed-reality headset goes on sale October 22nd
Germany calls for global minimum tax on large tech companies
Netflix will raise $2 billion to pay for more original content
Honor Magic 2's sliding screen unveiled a week before launch
What we're buying: Making the switch from Apple to Samsung
How to pick a smartphone in 2018

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