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New Scientist

When the internet dies, meet the meshnet that survives
Shakespeare: The godfather of modern medicine
Red lettuce and dinosaur germs head to space station
Shakespeare: Did radical astronomy inspire Hamlet?
The LADEE killers: NASA has crashed probe into moon
Space shuttle carrier plane heads out on Texas convoy
Flesh-eating bacterium is a child of the 80s
Feedback: Fenestration fun
Wikipedia searches and sick tweets predict flu cases
Smallest life-friendly exoplanet may be lit by auroras
Why we get autism but our Neanderthal cousins didn't
Longest experiment sees pitch drop after 84-year wait
EU hatches legal plan to fight invasive species
Threatwatch: Is the MERS virus spreading its wings?
Flesh-eating sponges are beautiful but deadly
Zoologger: Gender-bending cave insects found in Brazil
Win a VIP trip to the Science Museum in London
The story of climate change gets star treatment
Shakespeare: Poet, playwright, scientist?
Stem cells debacle: Obokata admits enhancing images
No more primal soup: Creating life without water
Will an anti-viral drug put paid to measles?
How ancient needs still drive our weird ways
Today on New Scientist
Criminal gang connections mapped via phone metadata

Scientific American

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BBC Science/Nature

Ancient life 'frozen' by impacts
SpaceX launches station cargo flight
Female cave insects have 'penises'
'Most Earth-like planet yet' found
EU green light for UK carbon project
Birth of 'new Saturn moon' witnessed
EU Sentinel returns first images
Artists have unique brain structure
Beard trend 'guided by evolution'
Early air points to cold, dry Mars
EU approves alien species blacklist
Double whammy threatens Amazon trees
Asia pollution drives Pacific storms
Birds choose best building materials
Privacy fears over FBI database
Americas see 'Blood moon' eclipse
Hepatitis C trial a 'turning point'
Pentagon eyes drone wi-fi hotspots
Airbus wins major weather prize
Doctors implant lab-grown vagina
Flies manoeuvre like fighter jets
Water quality at beaches 'excellent'
Dutch unveil glow in the dark road
Male monkey cares for dying partner
World must end 'dirty' fuel use - UN
Germany's green dreams meet harsh reality
Call to review pet rabbit protection
New London Zoo cubs in 'rude health'
Female osprey returns to Lakes nest
Cameras capture first osprey egg

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