New Scientist

I went hunting for willow seeds in the home of Winnie-the-Pooh
Funding crisis threatens crucial UK ocean monitoring project
Scientists have finally worked out what screaming sounds like
No, koalas are not 'functionally extinct', but they are in trouble
Sea otters are bouncing back - and into the jaws of great white sharks
Cannabis plant evolved super high (on the Tibetan Plateau)
Digital camera sees around corners by guessing what's lurking behind
Compulsory vaccines are needed to keep measles under control in the UK
Squished faces aren't the only cause of bulldog breathing difficulties
Peasants in medieval England ate a diet of meat stew and cheese
Alabama's extreme new law could lead to an end of US abortion rights
Could geoengineering really help us solve the climate crisis?
Axions may or may not exist - but we're not just making things up
China wants to make the fastest planes ever with a new material
Centre for Cancer Drug Discovery to focus on anti-evolution treatments
The quest for better snakebite treatments gets a funding boost
Hearing device picks out right voice from a crowd by reading your mind
Smartphone app that chirps in your ear could diagnose ear infections
Did we split from Neanderthals 400,000 years earlier than we thought?
China's rover peeks under the crust of the far side of the moon
We need to rediscover the wonder of space exploration to save Earth
Working hypothesis: From deepfake Dali to black toothpaste
Can the UK avoid having a lethal opioid crisis like the one in the US?
Climate change may make trees live fast and die young
NHS hospital to trial genetic analysis for blood pressure patients
Free-floating DNA to reveal the health of river and lake ecosystems
Shining a UV light on a special glue can repair heart wounds
Greening the chemical industry requires massive amount of renewables
NASA to get an extra $1.6 billion to put the first woman on the moon
You should update WhatsApp to avoid a surveillance vulnerability

Scientific American

Be Careful with Occam’s Razor, You Might Cut Yourself
Tiny Tyrannosaur Named the "Coyote King"
A Journey through Gromov's Gap
Failure to Launch Syndrome
39 Years Ago Today: The Big Ba-Boom That Changed Volcanology
Nobelist: Harness Evolution As Problem-Solving Algorithm
Levees Won't Save Louisiana from a Climate "Existential Crisis"
Basic Quantum Research Will Transform Science and Industry
The Real Reason Fans Hate the Last Season of Game of Thrones
The Ethical Quandary in Health Care Reform
Are We More Attracted to People Who Look like Our Parents?
Smartphone App Screens Kids for Ear Problems
Can You Prevent Pregnancy with the Pullout Method?
CO2 Levels Just Hit Another Record—Here’s Why It Matters
Autism May Be Diagnosed by Age Two
Unread Books at Home Still Spark Literacy Habits
Climate Change Poses a Threat to Cultural Heritage
Could a Single Live Vaccine Protect against a Multitude of Diseases?
11 Cool Things You Never Knew about Fireflies
Rescue Drones Need to Learn How Lost Humans Think
Brain-Controlled Hearing Aids Could Cut through Crowd Noise
From the Lunar Far Side, China's Rover Reveals Moon's Hidden Depths
Exxon and Energy Department Team Up on Biofuels, Plastics Research
Flat-Earthery, British Style
Kid Climate Educators Open Adult Eyes

BBC Science/Nature

Mars: The box seeking to answer the biggest question
Compassionate conservation is 'seriously flawed'
Crickets have hit the high street - can they save the planet?
Spain alarmed by French bear's attacks on sheep
Brazil's Vale warns another mining dam at risk of collapse
Will India energy pledges lead to CO2 rise?
Bedbugs survived the dinosaur extinction event
Plastic pollution: Flip-flop tide engulfs 'paradise' island
Artificial life form given 'synthetic DNA'
Antarctic instability 'is spreading'
Chang'e-4: Chinese rover 'confirms' Moon crater theory
Wood wide web: Trees' social networks are mapped
Medieval manuscript code 'unlocked' by Bristol academic
Olive tree killer disease still poses risk to Europe
Antarctic revealed in sharper 3D view
Climate change: Bafta calls for more environment plot lines on TV
Jakobshavn Isbrae: Mighty Greenland glacier slams on brakes
Construction industry 'not reporting full carbon impact'
Mariana Trench: Deepest-ever sub dive finds plastic bag
We cannot evict birds with netting, say MPs
Butterfly temperature research 'could boost survival chances'
Aeolus: Wind-mapping space laser is losing power
Climate change 'may curb growth in UK flying'
Climate change: Scientists test radical ways to fix Earth's climate
Europe 'takes too much of Earth resources'
Climate change: How frogs could vanish from ponds
Jeff Bezos unveils Moon lander concept
Endangered kakapo parrot gets pioneering brain surgery
Israel probes Golan Heights mass vulture poisoning
Climate change: Half world's biggest airlines don't offer carbon offsetting

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