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New Scientist

#Rosettawatch: first snaps of Philae's arrival on 67P
Plant extract trumps nicotine patches to quit smoking
Fear artificial stupidity, not artificial intelligence
Multitalented giant clams keep corals reefs healthy
Rhyme and reason: Writing poems in computer code
Giant robotic insect takes its first steps
#RosettaWatch: Comet lander could wake up next year
Today on New Scientist
Star's flying visit could fling comets at Earth
Mangrove forest planted as tsunami shield
Not again! First ever case of anxiety-induced déjà vu
Smart shoes with lasers make strides in mobility
DIY device to define the kilogram – using Lego
How to think about… Evolution
Thought control makes robot arm grab and move objects
Machine assistants learn to run your schedule
Asteroid soil could fertilise farms in space
Born to dance: The animals with natural rhythm
Table-top 'mini-LHC' ramps up to record energy
Is sexology just too human to study?

Scientific American

How to Prevent the End of Economic Growth
You Can Conquer Burnout
Living a Purposeful Life
Why Does the Floor Feel Cold When the Towel Feels Warm?
How Lithium Ion Batteries Grounded the Dreamliner
Autism Risk Linked to Particulate Air Pollution
Comet-Landing Spacecraft's Exact Location Still Eludes Scientists
Persistent Warming Drives Big Arctic Changes
For Sale: "Your Name Here" in a Prestigious Science Journal
Short-Term Fasting Made Mice Healthier
Fracking Banned in New York
A Faster Way to Diagnose Antibiotic Resistance
Experimental Drugs Target Bacteria's Social Network
1 Million People Could Be Hungry by March due to Ebola
Health Teams Scour Sierra Leone Capital in Drive to Contain Ebola
Beyond "The Pipeline": Reframing Science's Diversity Challenge
Clot-Grabbing Devices Offer Better Outcomes for Stroke Patients than Drugs
To Curb Climate Change, China Slows Coal to Gas
Rocky Mountain Institute and Carbon War Room Join Forces
How to Diagnose and Treat Gout
How Congress Snuck Changes to U.S. Environmental Policy into the New Budget Bill
3D Printing Points Way to Smarter Cancer Treatment
Best Physics Videos of 2014
Raw Milk Sicknesses Rise
Antibiotic Resistance Will Kill 300 Million People by 2050

BBC Science/Nature

Badger cull fails to meet target
Bats 'showing signs of recovery'
Philae comet landing 'all a blur'
'Vast store' of world's oldest water
Sentinel tracks continued Napa slip
UK using less energy, report finds
Autism link to air pollution raised
Ministers unveil science strategy
Methane 'belches' detected on Mars
Squirrels are 'climate culprit'
California's water woes quantified
Experts race to save white rhino
Alcatraz escapees 'may have survived'
Life from 'deepest drill' revealed
Cosmic bangs 'common on Earth'
Yeti polar bear theory challenged
Festival lights viewed from space
Even in colour, Comet 67P is grey
Top 10 physics breakthroughs listed
Spider-style sensor for vibrations
Comets 'not source of Earth's water'
Peat is Amazon's carbon superstore
Deal reached at UN climate talks
Arctic sea ice volume holds up
Booming bitterns show big bird boost
Threatened birds of prey 'vanish'
Hyenas feast at vulture restaurants
Brazil releases 'good' mosquitoes
VIDEO: India launches largest rocket
VIDEO: New lights give hope to stargazers

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