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New Scientist

Simply the biggest: The great dam of China
I'm cracking the future of food – no chickens required
Us vs universe: Seeing smaller than the limit of light
Violence ahead as tragedies of the commons spread
Total white out: Snowshoe hares vs global warming
Us vs universe: Adventures in breaking light speed
Us vs universe: Quantum dance enters forbidden zone
Us vs universe: Hold still while the Earth trembles
Zoologger: tickly kiss turns on hairy-mouthed spiders
Today on New Scientist
What's behind the snowmageddon that hit the US?
Saturn's calming nature keeps Earth friendly to life
Smartwatch detects skin's electricity to predict seizures
Us vs universe: Taking the twinkle out of the stars
Feedback: When the web was in the egg
Galaxies in filaments spaced like pearls on a necklace
Watch a tapeworm squirm through a living man's brain
Magic shoes: How to hear yourself instantly happy
Crowdfunding donations reinvent what a charity is
Humans needed barley to conquer Tibet's giddy heights
Us vs universe: Unfuzzying the uncertainty principle
Today on New Scientist
Radar net protects tigers and keeps them neighbourly
Listen to the thump of Philae landing on comet 67P
Us vs the universe: 8 ways we bend the laws of physics

Scientific American

The Spiders That Would Be Ants
The Fossil That Revolutionized the Search for Human Origins: Q&A with Lucy Discoverer Don Johanson
Deceptive Practices in Drugs Research Could Become Harder
Sun's Magnetic Field Boosts Earth Lightning
How the Color Red Influences Our Behavior
A Fungi Fanatic, Bendy Screen and More in the December Issue
Kindness Boosts Status in Some Cultures
Western New York Braces for Flooding as Heavy Snow Melts
Units of Time Stretch from Here to Eternity
U.N. Worker Leaves French Hospital after Ebola Recovery
Germany Reports 2nd Case of Bird Flu
Why Have Our Brains Started to Shrink?
Physicists and Philosophers Unite to Study Time's Arrow
First Clues Found in Mysterious Sea Star Die-Off
Physics Week in Review: November 22, 2014
Life on the Volcano Is Increasingly Tough for These Hawaiian Birds
Better Barley Let People Settle Tibetan Plateau
Amazon and Google Change Places on Going Green
Cats Teach Robots To Land On Feet
Plan to Ease World Hunger Wins at Google Science Fair
Ants Abound in Manhattan's Slivers of Green
How Doctors Determine the Moment of Death [Excerpt]
Plague in Madagascar Has Killed 40 People Out of 119 Cases
Introducing The Psychology Podcast with Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman
Climate Preparedness Index Reveals Rich-Poor Gap

BBC Science/Nature

Climate fund receives $9.3bn pledge
Embrace the arts, engineers told
Fish and chips 'harming' eider ducks
Peru probes 500 sea lion deaths
Geckos inspire 'Spider-Man' gloves
UK 'to lead moon landing in 10 years'
Court puts more heat on diesels
Planning law change 'catastrophic'
Sun boosts UK lightning strikes
Organic molecules detected on comet
Russia tests 'satellite catcher'
Europe signs on to Orion venture
World's biggest crane ship sets sail
Brian Cox creates pioneering 3D show
Camera sees Philae's hairy landing
One kiss 'shares 80 million bugs'
Skeleton found in Alexander-era tomb
Virgin pilot 'thrown free' in crash
'Sad day' as EU chief scientist axed
'Twisted light' beamed across Vienna
Wildlife crime wanted list released
Culling to begin at bird flu farm
Rabies risk from puppy smuggling
Lightning strikes 'more as world warms'
Hopes rise beavers could stay free
'World grappling with malnutrition'
Threatened birds of prey 'vanish'
Hyenas feast at vulture restaurants
Brazil releases 'good' mosquitoes
VIDEO: First Italian woman arrives at ISS

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