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New Scientist

NASA picks post-Pluto destination for New Horizons spacecraft
Live cells stuck together like Velcro could mend broken hearts
Quantum weirdness proved real in first loophole-free experiment
Zoologger: The tiny insects that roar at each other like lions
Knotty network could have powered universe's early growth spurt
Down in the dumps? Don't worry, your brain is still on point
Europe to discuss deep-sea trawling ban to protect biodiversity
Birds circle and stick together to help them fly in dense fog
Crowdsourced song lets the masses compose – one note at a time
Knut the polar bear's mysterious cause of death revealed
Darwin's fast-evolving finches use a natural insect repellent
Fatter than your siblings? It could be because you're older
London's low-emission zone fails to improve air quality
Could do better: How to clean up the world of online reviews
Autonomous cars are learning our unpredictable driving habits
After Ashley Madison: How to regain control of your online data
Aspirin may restore pregnancy sex ratio skewed by inflammation
Quantum computer firm D-Wave claims massive performance boost
London's low-emission zone fails to improve air quality
High-energy LHC plans held up by UFOs and electron clouds

Scientific American

2016 SATs Will Put Stronger Emphasis on Graphic Literacy
Book Review: The Road to Relativity
MIND Staff Share Their Reading Picks
Physics Week in Review: August 29, 2015
How Does a Gymnast--Or Even a Fitness Walker--Keep From Falling?
Quantum "Spookiness" Passes Toughest Test Yet
Scientific American Soiree Celebrates 170 Years of Science Communication
U.S. Vaccination Rates High, but Pockets of Unvaccinated Pose Risk
FDA Approves New Cholesterol-Lowering Drug
Scientific American, on the Move
Strawberries, Basil and Beans Thrive in Underwater Greenhouses
Yet Another Disease Is Attacking Tasmanian Devils
Russia Raises an "Ice Curtain" in the Arctic Thanks to Climate Change
Readers Respond to Rise of the Tyrannosaurs
Celebrating 170 Years of Scientific American
Should Governments Nudge Us to Make Good Choices?
Neil deGrasse Tyson, Scientific American Fan
Sick Ants Seek Out Medicinal Food
Size Matters When It Comes to Cells' Vulnerability to Parkinson's
Massive International Project Raises Questions about the Validity of Psychology Research
FDA Wants Food Makers to Hand over Their Contaminated Samples
Rising Sea Levels More Dangerous Than Thought
An Important But Rarely Discussed Lesson of the Stanford Prison Experiment
Mediterranean Eating Habits Prove Good for the Brain
Marble Race--in Liquid!

BBC Science/Nature

Pluto probe's next target chosen
Satellite revisits Hurricane Katrina
Neurologist Oliver Sacks dies aged 82
Satellite image of IS destruction
Key Inmarsat rocket flight 'success'
Year-long 'Mars isolation' begins
Badger cull extended into Dorset
Government plans steep cuts in solar
Knut polar bear death riddle solved
Invasive bug 'could spread in UK'
Aphantasia: A life without mental images
Hawking: Black holes store information
'Oldest' message in a bottle found
One Direction's video reviewed by space expert
Thousands of microbes in house dust
VIDEO: Neurologist Oliver Sacks dies aged 82
VIDEO: Using science to combat flooding
VIDEO: Nasa team 'living on Mars' for a year
VIDEO: Knut died of autoimmune illness
VIDEO: Monbiot butchers and eats a squirrel
VIDEO: Check-ups for homeward-bound orangutans
VIDEO: 'Dangerous' whale rescue takes two days
VIDEO: Exploring England's coastal wildlife
Row over Caribbean dolphin parks plan
Has Defra shown badger culling works?
The washing away of Cajun culture
How a tiny backpack could solve the mystery of mass bee deaths
Have we underestimated our ancestors?

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