New Scientist

Hot yoga's high temperature may not have any health benefits
Some exoplanets orbiting red giant stars may just be a mirage
NASA may finally have a new boss after a year-long wait
Some people identify smells as easily as if they were colours
A capsized oil tanker is releasing invisible toxins into the sea
Stars that devour their planets get brighter and faster
Bitcoin's utopia has failed as big players hold all the power
The higher your testosterone levels, the more you love soft rock
Cute cats the size of kittens are seeing their homes destroyed
Trump, this ‘shithole' continent pioneered heart swaps and more
Breathing in a nanoparticle spray could prevent heart damage
How ‘stem cell' clinics became a Wild West for dodgy treatments
Algorithms that change lives should be trialled like new drugs
Blindness treatment will insert algae gene into people's eyes
Swollen eye is setback for blindness treatment using stem cells
DNA of man who died in 1827 recreated from his living relatives
Chit-chat makes humans and robots work together better
Source of world's biggest listeria outbreak still unknown
All other primates live their lives according to a simple rule
Bowel cancer test may be a much better way to screen for polyps
Johann Hari doesn't know depression's real causes – no one does
You may be making cryptocurrency for hackers without realising
Tiny individual decisions really could help avert climate chaos
Copycat justice has turned US counties into execution hotspots
Mount Etna may not really be a ‘proper' volcano at all
Clever maths will stop hackers spying on the quantum internet
Science helped cause the opioid crisis – now it must make amends
Surfers may be swallowing bacteria and spreading it to others
Voice assistants dominate CES as Google plays catchup with Alexa
We may be able to see mountains and valleys on distant worlds

Scientific American

Gone in 2017: 12 Trailblazing Women in STEM
Squirrel Sex Is Complicated
New Climate Censorship Tracker Comes Online
Preparing for the Next Influenza Pandemic
The Data behind the Women's Movement
Does Gender Matter?
I Am a Roboticist in a Cheese Factory
A Year of Trump: Science Is a Major Casualty in the New Politics of Disruption
Social Media Helps ID Belch Source
2017 Ranked Among Three Hottest Years Ever
Scientists Move Closer to a Universal Flu Vaccine
Synthetic Species Designed to Shun Sex with Wild Organisms
The Good and Bad News about Rising Temperatures
What a U.S. Government Shutdown Would Mean for Science
Did Michigan Meteor Really Cause an Earthquake?
The Trump Administration Abandons Science Advice--but at What Cost?
The 16 "Billion-Dollar Disasters" That Happened in 2017
Trump's "Fake News Awards" Are Both Absurd and Dangerous
Can Robots Tighten the Bolts on a Rickety Caregiver Sector?
Why People Dislike Really Smart Leaders
Salmonella Could Have Caused 16th-Century Epidemic
How to Stop Sex Changes in Turtles on the Great Barrier Reef
We Asked, They're Answering: the 2018 Candidates Are Talking about Science Policy
New Satellite Mission Would Benefit Climate Science and the Energy Industry
The Hidden Depth in Math's Simple Puzzles

BBC Science/Nature

Hope for threatened 'little tiger cat'
Nasa removes US astronaut from ISS mission
Scapa Flow microplastics levels 'similar to Forth and Clyde'
2017 'warmest year without El Niño'
Mystery deepens over mass die-off of antelopes
Moustached monkey is separate species
ICEYE's 'suitcase space radar' returns first image
Chemistry 'Van Gogh' could help with cancer
Most new cars must be electric by 2030, ministers told
UK firm contracts to service satellites
Dolphin diet study gives conservation clues
Hubble scores unique close-up view of distant galaxy
Black Death 'spread by humans not rats'
Jordan urged to end animal mistreatment at Petra site
Female engineers set for success
UK satellite to make movies from space
Huge oil spill left after burning tanker sinks off China
Citizen science bags five-planet haul
Mount Mayon: Philippines volcano spews out lava
Wallaby gives police slip on Sydney Bridge
'Floating on air' after surgeons remove 19kg tumour
Baby Panda Yuan Meng makes debut in France
Cloned Newmarket dachshund expecting puppies
Smallest cat in world: Footage of rare animal
How flowering plants conquered the world
Huge black hole blasts out 'double burp'
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