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New Scientist

Physics Nobel prize for discovering neutrinos can change flavour
How common is sexual violence in the humanitarian aid community?
Earthquake algorithm picks up the brain's vibrations
Wildlife is thriving around Chernobyl since the people left
Volcanic eruptions have extreme effect on the flow of rivers
Basic quantum computation achieved with silicon for first time
Plant tricks dung beetles by making its seeds look like dung
Nobel Prize for medicine for drugs that have benefited billions
More than half of EU officially bans genetically modified crops
Megatsunami 170 metres high once smashed into Cape Verde
Undersea robot learns to ferret out the unusual and interesting
Neutrino detectors could keep discreet tabs on nuclear reactors
Rebooted pancreas cells could ease type 1 diabetes
Ape fossils put the origin of humanity at 10 million years ago
Volcanoes plus asteroid might have finished off dinosaurs
Slow cyclists gain advantage from schooling like fish
Budget NASA missions will head for asteroids or hellish Venus
Foam heart could pump inside you just like the real thing
Musicians' brains fire symmetrically when they listen to music
Activist bots recruit humans to their cause on Twitter

Scientific American

Dams Burst after Extreme Rainfall in South Carolina
Does Your Dog Love you?
Shape-Shifting Particles Win Two Scientists the Nobel Prize in Physics
To Explain the Universe, Physics Needs a Revolution: Live Webcast Wednesday [Video]
There Is a Fine Line between Love and Drunk
New U.S. Ozone Standards Come Under Fire
2015 Nobel Prize in Physics
Ancient Toothy Mammal Survived Dino Apocalypse
Ancient Skyscraper-high Tsunami Prompts Worries About Current Risk
Nicotine-chomping Bacteria May Help Smokers Quit
Medicine Nobel: Sifting Nature For Anti-Parasite Drugs
12 Surprising Facts about Nobel Prizes
World Leaders
Hurricane Joaquin Helps Fuel Record Rains, Damaging Floods
Bee Symbiosis Reveals Life's Deepest Partnerships: Q&A
Evidence Implies That Animals Feel Empathy
Locating the Brain's Funny Bone
2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
Medicine Nobel Recognizes Fights against Malaria and River Blindness
Scientists Fast-Track the Evolution of the Great Barrier Reef's Corals
Book Review: The Only Woman in the Room
Martian Astronaut Would Get Cancer If Mission Were Real, Author Says
Natural History, 1915 [Slide Show]
Q&A: Why We Need to Forget
Interstellar Travel as Delusional Fantasy [Excerpt]

BBC Science/Nature

Neutrino 'flip' wins physics Nobel
Plant uses raindrops to eat ants
Wild mammals 'return to Chernobyl'
New rat discovered in Indonesia
Cacti facing extinction, study warns
Nobel Prize for anti-parasite drugs
Chile creates new marine reserves
Mammal species outlived the dinosaurs
UN battle looms over climate costs
Supernova 'stream' in lab's sights
Additive promises crash-safe fuel
Charon moon seen in super detail
Nasa photo archive posted online
Ceres' spots remain mysterious
Africa's farming 'needs young blood'
Diesel policy 'a mistake' - ex-minister
Plastic in Thames fish is a wake-up
VIDEO: Lab shows emissions tests are flawed
VIDEO: Newly-discovered rat 'like no other'
VIDEO: Plant's deadly rain-powered spring
VIDEO: Nobel Prize rewards parasite research
VIDEO: How plastic may end up in your food
VIDEO: Plastic bag charge: Environmental impact
VIDEO: Farmers find woolly mammoth skeleton
VIDEO: Plastic in oceans 'threatens food chain'
Bloodhound Diary: The real deal
Work that won Nobel Prize for medicine 2015
Conflict and survival: Biology photo award
The greenest island in the world?
Is there life on Mars?

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