New Scientist

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Magic mushroom drug helps people with cancer face death
Zap to the brain alters libido in unique sex study
Europe's green energy policy is a disaster for the environment
ESA approves 2020 ExoMars rover despite crash earlier this year
Google Translate AI invents its own language to translate with
Whales talk to each other by slapping out messages on water
Weeping rock mystery down to microbe builders and barnacle chefs
Bees of the sea: Tiny crustaceans pollinate underwater plants
Parkinson's disease may start in the gut and travel to the brain
Concerns as face recognition tech used to ‘identify' criminals
Stop buying organic food if you really want to save the planet
Buzz Aldrin evacuated from South Pole after falling ill
Moral consensus: a CEO should earn five times what workers get
Seismic sensing app detects 200 earthquakes in first six months
World's highest plants discovered growing 6km above sea level
Dragon lizards fly by grabbing their fold-up wings with ‘hands'
World's first city to power its water needs with sewage energy
LIGO turns back on to hunt for more gravitational waves
Early hominin Lucy had powerful arms from years of tree-climbing
Quantum particles seen distorting light from a neutron star
The plan to ban fishing in more than half the world's oceans
Is Uber a taxi firm or digital service? European court decides

Scientific American

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U.S. Oil Exports Skyrocket Despite Climate Pacts
Paleo Profile: The Dream Coast Crocodile
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“Supermolecules” Could Yield Materials the Periodic Table Won’t Allow
Walking Sharks at Risk

BBC Science/Nature

Scottish fossils tell story of first life on land
Tim Peake spacecraft will arrive in UK in 2017
Corporate growth still driving deforestation, CDP shows
Robot aircraft take to British skies
Europe presses ahead with Mars rover
Last winter's flooding 'most extreme on record' in UK
Sutton Hoo bitumen links Syria with Anglo-Saxon England
Four major cities move to ban diesel vehicles by 2025
Trump's environment plans could spark opposition
Space station supply craft 'burned up'
Buzz Aldrin 'in good spirits' after South Pole evacuation
'Diet is global food policy's elephant in the room'
Europe space ministers meet to decide Mars rover plan
Private plan to send Moon rover to Apollo 17 site
Earth warming to climate tipping point, warns study
Europe ministers debate space future
Curbing immigration spells 'disaster' for science
Saturn mission approaches tour finale
EU energy use to fall by 30% under new efficiency plans for 2030
'Predator of the deep' or gentle giant?
Arctic sea-ice struggles to build volume
Platypus venom paves way to possible diabetes treatment
Mars probe returns first pictures
Rare Antarctic beetle find delights
Astronaut eye problems blamed on spinal fluid
Japan Fukushima nuclear plant 'clean-up costs double'
Great Barrier Reef suffered worst bleaching on record in 2016, report finds
Europe's science ministers to decide on ExoMars rover
Flood spending decisions 'perverse', Green Alliance says
Bumper load of new viruses identified