New Scientist

Sexual images are just as arousing for women as they are for men
The plan to build mega wind farms and artificial islands in North Sea
Terraforming Mars with strange silica blanket could let plants thrive
There aren't enough space explosions to explain strange radio bursts
Anorexia is a metabolic disorder as well as a psychiatric one
Elephants help forests store more carbon by destroying smaller plants
You're less empathetic when you've been drinking heavily
India's moon mission Chandrayaan 2 delayed just before launch
Targeting mitochondria in neurons may help relieve severe forms of MS
Regulating e-cigarette flavours may prompt some people to smoke more
Healthy living lowers chances of dementia even if genetic risk is high
Something is seriously wrong with our understanding of the cosmos
Storm Barry is heading towards New Orleans – how big is the risk?
Purple fairy wrasse named Wakanda discovered on reef in twilight zone
Double heatwave killed two-thirds of coral in central Indian Ocean
Climate change may thin high-altitude clouds and trigger more warming
People in China consume twice the recommended daily limit of salt
Combining two cancer drugs could help slow growth of tumours
AI beats professionals at six-player Texas Hold 'Em poker
Molecules pictured changing shape as they gain and lose electrons
Superstrong artificial muscle can lift 1000 times its own weight
Hear what music would have sounded like at Stonehenge 4000 years ago
Unknown species of lizard found inside a gliding dinosaur's stomach
Whale mothers and calves whisper to avoid attracting predators
India is about to launch a lander and rover to the moon's south pole
French healthcare will stop paying for homeopathic treatment in 2021
Streaming online pornography produces as much CO2 as Belgium
Hayabusa 2 lands on distant asteroid and collects another sample
UK government urgently readies environment watchdog for no-deal Brexit
Why most new medicines are no better than existing treatments

Scientific American

Silica Blankets Could Make Mars Habitable
Tobacco Plants Made To Produce Useful Compounds
Humans May Be Accidentally Geoengineering the Oceans
Anorexia May Be Linked to Metabolism, a Genetic Analysis Suggests
Why Doctors Are Drowning in Medical School Debt
Why the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 Is So Special to Me
How to Stop Prisons from Laying the Groundwork for a Fatal Overdose
Striped Maples Can Change Sex Repeatedly
Is Medicine Overrated?
A Strange Dinosaur's Unusual Strut
Sloths Climb a New Evolutionary Tree
1,000 Years of Congruent Numbers
11,898 Solar Eclipses in 5,000 Years
Tropical Storm Barry's Dangers Will Reach Far Inland
The "Woodstock of Physics" Is Finally Living Up to Its Promise
Disasters Collide as Tropical Storm Barry Heads Ashore
Celebrating the Engineers behind the First Moon Landing
What to Expect from India's Second Moon Mission
Rhinos and Their Gamekeepers Benefit from AI
Humans Fold: AI Conquers Poker's Final Milestone
A New Twist on Artificial Muscles
How Do You Put a Plane Engine in a Car?
The Simplest and Most Successful Experiment Onboard Apollo 11
Viking History Is Melting Away in Greenland
The Geopolitics of Artificial Intelligence

BBC Science/Nature

Climate change: Used cooking oil imports may fuel deforestation
Neil Armstrong - the man behind the legend
New face of the Bank of England's £50 note is revealed as Alan Turing
Nasa Moon mission: Open University partners with space agency
Galileo sat-nav system still without service
Anorexia stems from body as well as mind – study
Spektr-RG: Powerful X-ray telescope launches to map cosmos
Chandrayaan-2: India space launch delayed by technical problem
India air pollution: Will Gujarat's 'cap and trade' programme work?
The coal mine that ate Hambacher forest
Hayabusa-2: Japanese spacecraft makes final touchdown on asteroid
A68: World's biggest iceberg is on the move
Climate change: How hot cities could be in 2050
Earliest modern human found outside Africa
European Vega rocket lost minutes after lift-off
Stonehenge mini model reveals sound of monument
Suzanne Eaton, US scientist, found dead in WW2 bunker on Crete
Russian nuclear submarine: Norway finds big radiation leak
Apollo 11: 'The greatest single broadcast in television history'
Mumbai rains: Is India's weather becoming more extreme?
Artificial lionfish powered by ‘robotic blood'
Predator Free 2050: New Zealand ramps up plan to purge all pests
Why blue jeans are going green
Giant jellyfish spotted off Cornwall coast
Could this robot help save coral reefs?
Apollo Moon landing: 'My dad literally loved us to the Moon and back'
Manta ray in distress helped by divers
Wreckfish: The fish that gobbles up unsuspecting sharks

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