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New Scientist

Brian Cox: Science can teach politicians to be humble
Labradors get fat thanks to gene mutation linked to hunger
If Google has nothing to hide about NHS data, why so secretive?
Revealed: Google AI has access to huge haul of NHS patient data
The story of Dolly is about us as much as cloning
Try your hand at programming IBM's online quantum computer
SpaceX says it will fly to Mars in 2018 – what are its chances?
Antibiotics apocalypse: Tales from fighters on the front line
Beech marten halts LHC after chewing on a power cable
Kingdom-busting volcanoes linked to the rise of the Roman Empire
Battle of the big cats sees tiger hunt and devour a lynx
Australia to destroy alien carp by releasing herpes into rivers
Equally long lives for rich and poor? This dream is in retreat
Trio of Earth-sized planets around nearby star could reveal life
Game of bones: first Europeans' shifting fortunes found in DNA
Rain spawns more rain when it falls on ploughed land
Recycled coffee grounds could make roads smoother and greener
An Earth made verdant by greenhouse gases brings its own dangers
Childcare and housework are what give women more heart problems
Plants may form memories using mad cow disease proteins
Metadating helps you find love based on your everyday data
Thou shalt not tell us how to behave any more
Computer generates all possible ideas to beat patent trolls
Processed food bad, natural food good? We've got it so wrong
Record ivory burning shows world is failing Africa's elephants
Ebola virus does a total shutdown to hide before a fresh strike
Strange Manx comet is time capsule from the early solar system
Let people most affected by gene editing write CRISPR rules
Muscular dystrophy is tragic, but patients aren't always right
The teenager who can't help speaking in a French accent

Scientific American

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BBC Science/Nature

Abseiling into an Antarctic chasm
Fat Labradors give clues to obesity
Tributes for Nobel Laureate Harry Kroto
UK-led satellite to 'weigh' forests
Tim Peake: 'Science can solve problems'
Solar Impulse reaches Arizona
Australia plans to kill carp with herpes
Mars rover project slips to 2020
DNA secrets of Ice Age Europe unlocked
Breast cancer genetic discovery hailed
Tim Peake drives remote robot on Earth
Lizards share sleep patterns with humans
Weasel shuts down Large Hadron Collider
Kenyan call to stamp out ivory trade
Has Cook's Australia ship been found?
'Secret of youth' in ginger gene
'Sleepless slugs' on rise, say experts
Japan to abandon space satellite forever
New EU radar satellite takes first image
VIDEO: Solar Impulse lands safely in Arizona
VIDEO: Helping hand for chilly owls
VIDEO: Tim Peake drives remote Mars rover
VIDEO: Meet the decoys protecting tiny seabirds
VIDEO: Rescued circus lions to fly to South Africa
VIDEO: 'Fat' gorilla surprises zoo with baby
VIDEO: Gene therapy could reverse sight loss
VIDEO: When will China get to Mars?
VIDEO: The world's worst nuclear disaster
What is the most expensive object on Earth?
Bloodhound Diary: Planning for the roughest of rides

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