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New Scientist

Bitter sweet nectar: Why some flowers poison bees
It's time to let national happiness guide political policy
Getting to grips with the placenta's real health benefits
Touching down on Mars could still be a far-off prospect
The Vital Question: Finding answers about the origin of life
Tax cuts for top earners fail because the theory is broken
Tiny robots climb walls carrying more than 100 times their weight
World's first malaria vaccine could be rolled out by end of year
Police can now tell identical twins apart - just melt their DNA
Feedback: Some numerology of astronomy
Happy birthday Hubble, 25 today! Look back to where it all began
Technology can give political power back to the people
Better than a ballot box: Could digital democracy win your vote?
3D-printed model of London's buildings lets you see the future
Vast magma reservoir found hiding beneath Yellowstone park
Gene editing could prevent mitochondrial disease in children
Zoologger: Kinky frogs build secret underwater sex chambers
Direct probing of brain reveals multiple regions cause tinnitus
Digital tattoo lets you control devices with mind power alone
First human embryos genetically modified – more will come

Scientific American

Major Earthquake Hits Nepal
Desperate Nepalese Sleep in Open as Aftershocks Spread Fear
Meet the New Tyrannosaurs [Video]
Wait for It: Delayed Feedback Can Enhance Learning
Nepal Seeks Help, Death Toll Rising after Devastating Quake
Devastating Nepal Quake Kills over 1,300, Some in Everest Avalanche
In Case You Missed It: Need-to-Know News from around the World
Distraction Is Good for Learning, Sometimes
Book Review: Birth of a Theorem
Book Review: The Nurture Effect
Shipwreck Champagne Reveals Old Wine Secrets
What to Wear to Swim in America's Most Polluted Waters [Video]
To Cut Methane from Cows, Put a Price on Carbon
Adaptive Headlights Could Help Drivers Avoid Hitting Bambi [Video]
China's Great Green Wall Helps Pull CO2 Out of Atmosphere
Hubble's Repairman Reflects on the Telescope's Legacy
Thinking about Death Can Make Life Better
Modest but Momentous: Hubble's Brilliant, Unsung Images [Slide Show]
Agony and Ecstasy: Hubble's Top Moments and Near-Death Episodes
Culture Bites: The Changing Nature of the Food Truck Industry
Should Humpback Whales Be Removed from the Endangered Species List?
Foodies Embrace 3-D–Printed Cuisine
Scientists Turn to Drones for Closer Look at Arctic Sea Ice
It's Time to Go to Europa
What Are You Doing? I'm Saving Earth [Video]

BBC Science/Nature

Back pain link to chimpanzee spine
Nepal quake 'followed historic pattern'
Hidden lives of Chernobyl's wildlife
Hastings fishermen seek 'fair share'
'We print people': The world of 3D portraiture
Vast replica recreates ancient cave
Why Nepal is so vulnerable to quakes
Tinnitus mapped inside human brain
Mammoth genome sequence completed
Hubble issues 25th birthday image
Bees 'get a buzz' from pesticides
Graveyard clue to stegosaur plates
Super-rat history extracted from DNA
Baby wallaby dies in keeper's arms
In pictures: Calbuco volcano eruption
Ramakrishnan to lead Royal Society
Tiger-tagging app to boost tracking
Europe drops asteroid sampling idea
Ministers challenged over CO2 cuts
Huge marine reserve for Pitcairn
Mercury pollution risk to Arctic gull
Tidal lagoon 'negotiations open'
VIDEO: 'My son told me to use social media'
VIDEO: Replica recreates prehistoric cave
VIDEO: Hubble Telescope's 25 years in images
VIDEO: Timelapse footage of Chile volcano
VIDEO: How Hubble opened up the Universe
VIDEO: Cheers as Solar Impulse lands in Nanjing
VIDEO: Sumatran rhino in need of a mate
VIDEO: New glass frog has translucent skin

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