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New Scientist

What does ‘natural' mean? Time to ditch a dangerous concept
Let's take a knife to the world's rising tide of type 2 diabetes
Why cheap green energy could derail the renewable revolution
Alzheimer's may be caused by brain's sticky defence against bugs
Neanderthals built mystery underground circles 175,000 years ago
Building blocks of life spotted around comet for the first time
UK to trial HPV vaccine in gay men but no plans yet for all boys
Two-way trust is needed to make the most of health data
Packing for space flattened NASA's inflatable space hotel
Trump would deliver fatal blow to fight against climate change
Controversial software claims to tell personality from your face
Family or science: women shouldn't have to choose
Not all surgeons follow checklists that prevent bad mistakes
Monkey seen caring for dying mate then grieving after she dies
Schrödinger's cat alive and dead even after you saw it in half
Blogging cells tell their stories using CRISPR gene editing
Rare cosmic balancing act makes Perseid meteor showers brighter
See-through brains reveal memory pathways for pleasure and fear
Invasive trash-eating jackals save Europe €2 million a year
Mongol hordes gave up on conquering Europe due to wet weather
Sleep better to be better. It's a no-brainer for doctors
Compare the meerkat: Animals size each other up in race to top
Bloated baby black holes spotted in the distant universe
This deep-sea creature could be the world's oldest living animal
Did Google's NHS patient data deal need ethical approval?
Treating cows with antibiotics doubles dung methane emissions
UK's first fracking since 2011 may not be as bad as feared
Zika is now on the doorstep of Africa and the US mainland
World's parliament for the environment to tackle global issues
India's reusable space plane takes its first test flight

Scientific American

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BBC Science/Nature

Eve the Jurassic sea monster
DNA 'tape recorder' to trace cell history
Zoo gorilla shot as boy falls into moat
Geologists revisit giant Zion landslide
Flexi-space room expansion complete
Australia removed from UN climate report
Solar Impulse lands in Pennsylvania
Neanderthal stone structures discovered
HS2 'over-priced' say transport experts
Exxon takes 'small step' on climate
Contract to construct giant telescope
'Polar bear hybrid' shot in Canada
Crayfish and worms may die out together
Cattle drugs 'could fuel climate change'
Navy investigates 'lost submarine find'
Juries 'could enter virtual crime scenes'
Exxon 'has to change or die' on climate
Solar Impulse aims for Pennsylvania
Yellowstone in 1871 and today
VIDEO: Onboard camera captures rocket landing
VIDEO: Ice blocks make fridges less 'stupid'
VIDEO: A haven for endangered water voles
VIDEO: Did Neanderthals create stone rings?
VIDEO: China's new deep sea submarine
VIDEO: Storm-chasers film Kansas tornados
VIDEO: Hunting universe's strangest particles
Alma telescope peers into space
'Dinosaur crater' drill project success
The gene's still selfish: Dawkins' famous idea turns 40
China's science revolution

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