New Scientist

Asteroid that killed the dinosaurs caused massive global warming
Uber self-driving car ‘saw woman but didn't brake before crash'
Bulletproof batteries could make body armour for combat
Chimp evolution was shaped by sex with their bonobo relatives
Mystery ozone-destroying gases linked to badly recycled fridges
How a change in tactics could help autism research
Brain implant for OCD surprisingly helps alleviate diabetes too
We may have got the evolution of our big brains entirely wrong
Seafood-lovers have more sex and take less time to get pregnant
Clouds of plasma let us zoom in on weird flashes from space
Men more likely to get diabetes if they have overweight wives
Think you're fully alert? You can't always tell if you're tired
World's most-spoken languages may have arisen in ancient Iran
Watch a badminton robot practice its game-winning trick shots
Those GDPR emails should stop soon, but our data nightmare won't
Minimally conscious people woken with brain zap by their family
Changes in your sperm reveal if you've had a difficult life
Quantum stopwatch could be the best in the universe
‘Impossible' EM drive doesn't seem to work after all
Ape ‘midwives' spotted helping female bonobos give birth
Why the UK's plan to tackle air pollution is mostly hot air
We've measured the pressure inside a proton and it's extreme
Let's all heed the health benefits of a month without alcohol
How your name shapes what other people think of your personality
China launched a satellite to help explore the moon's far side
Half of life on Earth has vanished since we arrived on the scene
Chinese giant salamanders may already be virtually extinct
Babies should mix with other children to lower leukaemia risk
Cause of polycystic ovary syndrome discovered at last
How Theresa May's plan for an AI-powered NHS could go very wrong

Scientific American

Computers Predict Pop Chart Success
Gut Sensor Could Monitor Health--and Beam Results to a Smartphone
As CO2 Levels Rise, Rice Becomes Less Nutritious
North Korea Missile Test: Best Response May Be Surprisingly Low Tech
Chances of Avoiding Dementia on Rise in U.S.
Challenges for Science in Post-Hurricane Puerto Rico
Hybrid Human–Chicken Embryos Illuminate Key Developmental Milestone
What Is Spacetime?
Daydreaming May Help You Become More Socially Adept
First Woman Air and Space Museum Director Talks about Inspiring the Next Generation
We Need to Stop Moving the Goalposts for Autism
A Conversation with Thomas Hertog, One of Stephen Hawking's Final Collaborators
Doc's YA Novel Treats Life-and-Death Issues
Bendy Laser Beams Can Examine Human Tissue Like Never Before
FDA Plans to Speed Path to Approval for Some Gene Therapies
The Psychology of Taking a Knee
Dinosaurs: From Humble Beginnings to Global Dominance
The Price of Open Science
World Needs to Set Rules for Geoengineering Experiments, Experts Say
Oxygen Depletion Smothered Marine Life in Earth's Largest Mass Extinction
What Is Dark Matter?
Asteroid, Meteor, Meteorite and Comet: What's the Difference?
How Does Google Know Everything about Me?
Marine Protected Areas Are Important, but...
What Made Saturn's Ravioli-Shaped Moons?

BBC Science/Nature

Giant canyons discovered in Antarctica
How ancestors of living birds survived asteroid strike
Car dealer tactics stall electric car sales
Brexit: UK wants £1bn back from EU if it is excluded from Galileo
Risk of water shortages for England warns Environment Agency
Grace mission launches to weigh Earth's water
Farne Island puffin population drop sparks concern
Malaria genetics: study shows how disease became deadly
Air pollution plans to tackle wood burners
'Living fossil' giant salamander heading for extinction
'Rare' birth of live reindeer twins in Cairngorms
Ebola outbreak: Experimental vaccinations begin in DR Congo
PM will pay to have 'full association' with EU research
'Permanent' interstellar visitor found
China launch will prep for Moon landing
Seeds of hope: The gardens springing up in refugee camps
UK's clean car goal 'not ambitious enough'
'Shocking' human impact reported on world's protected areas
Madagascar emerges as whale shark hotspot
Scientists detect oxygen legacy of first stars
How physics gender gap starts in the classroom
UK referred to Europe's top court over air pollution
Fracking planning laws should be relaxed say ministers
Bee crisis: EU court backs near-total neonicotinoids ban
Mysterious rise in emissions of ozone-damaging chemical
1,600 IT workers and engineers denied UK visas
Why is there a row about Galileo?
Seal released after recovering from plastic air filter injury
Hawaiian volcano: What are vog and laze?
This is why those lynx are shrieking

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