New Scientist

NASA's InSight lander is using magnetism to search for water on Mars
Thousands of security flaws found on UK government websites
It's not just reality TV - all media must help to prevent suicides
We've found 4000 exoplanets but almost zero are right for life
AI can mistakenly see cancer in medical scans after tiny image tweaks
Child abuse may change brain structure and make depression worse
Stunning picture shows dead star racing away from a massive explosion
Jet fuel made from waste plants could be one of the most efficient yet
Genetics studies are too white – that's failing people and science
Sun bears copy each other's facial expressions to communicate
Robot swarm inspired by cells can keep moving even if its parts fail
Anaesthesia drug may make it easier to forget upsetting memories
Electric cars won't shrink emissions enough - we must cut travel too
We have to find a way to stop drones disrupting airports
Deforestation in the Amazon could raise local temperatures by 1.5C
I got caught in the middle of a bitter row over humans' violent past
Most powerful thunderstorm ever measured produced 1.3 billion volts
One in four scientists have experienced harassment or discrimination
Why I believe humans were in Australia much earlier than we thought
Genetic risk scores could help the NHS but they aren't ready yet
Quantum theory might be flawed. That's a cause for celebration
Google announces video game streaming service to let you play anywhere
Asteroid Bennu is spewing out dust and rocks to create its own moons
Asteroid Ryugu is so dry we may have to rethink how Earth got water
Protected hen harriers are vanishing under suspicious circumstances
Revealed: First image of huge meteor explosion over Earth last year
Cheer the first women-only spacewalk, but equality is still far away
Spread of cancers halted by smart bacteria that trigger immune attack
Karen Uhlenbeck is first woman to win prestigious maths Abel prize
James Bond is making the switch to an electric car, so when will you?

Scientific American

The Underappreciated Threat of Volcanic Tsunamis
Asteroid Spit Up
Was Thomas Kuhn Evil?
The Mathematical Phrase That Melts My Brain
Awe: The Most Incredible Emotion and Its Spectacular Effects
2.1-Billion-Year-Old Tracks May Be Giant Ancient "Slime Molds" [Video]
Daylight Brings Toxic Beetles Together For Safety
How Co-ops Are Bringing Solar Power to Rural America
Biogen Halts Studies of Closely Watched Alzheimer's Drug, a Blow to Hopes for New Treatment
Best-Yet Measurements Deepen Cosmological Crisis
The Humanities and the Future
We Are All Tortoises
An Impossible Scenario: Scientists Watch as Heat Moves at the Speed of Sound
First Baby Monkey Born Using Sperm from Frozen Testicles
Huge Meteor Explosion a Wake-Up Call for Planetary Defense
U.S. Communities Urged to Boost Immunity to "Shock Events"
Climate Change Claims Its First Mammal Extinction
Why Is There More Matter Than Antimatter?
A Common Anesthetic Could Ease PTSD and Other Stress Disorders
We Can't Take the Science Out of Our Clean Air Standards
Opting Out of Vaccines Should Opt You Out of American Society
Study on Weed Killers and Monarch Butterflies Spurs Ecological Flap
What Is Your Metabolism?
Atheism Is Inconsistent with the Scientific Method, Prizewinning Physicist Says
Big Religion May Have Gotten Too Much Credit for the Evolution of Modern Society

BBC Science/Nature

Exoplanet tally set to pass 4,000 mark
Huge fossil discovery made in China's Hubei province
Sir David Attenborough to present climate change documentary
Smuggled orangutan seized at Bali airport
Planet Venus: Hopes rise of new mission to the hothouse world
Planet Jupiter: Spectacular picture of Jupiter's storms
Night parrot finding in Australia not backed up by evidence
Mount Everest: Melting glaciers expose dead bodies
Bloodhound: Land speed record car is relaunched
'Baby Grady' gives fertility hope to boys with cancer
IVF ethics pioneer Mary Warnock dies
Cyclone Idai: How the storm tore into southern Africa
Rogue waves occurring less but 'becoming more extreme'
Hayabusa-2: Asteroid mission exploring a 'rubble pile'
Dig planned at rare 'Neolithic mortuary' in Aberdeenshire
Artificial meat: UK scientists growing 'bacon' in labs
New Horizons: Ultima Thule 'a time machine' to early Solar System
Hen harriers 'vanishing due to illegal killing' - study
Fund to boost female and black physicist numbers
Bubble maths researcher wins top award
Climate change: Water shortages in England 'within 25 years'
Psyche: Metal world mission targets 'iron volcanoes'
Super bloom tourists cause small town 'safety crisis'
US detects huge meteor explosion
Climate strikes spread worldwide as students call for action
Mongolia: A toxic warning to the world
Climate change: Unlocking the secrets of glacial microbes
Dead whale 'had 40kg of plastic in its stomach'
The Indonesian paradise island drowning in plastic
Sinking island in the Sundarbans Delta

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