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New Scientist

Consciousness test could spot if someone wakes up during surgery
Hillary Clinton wants every home to be powered by clean energy
Only 100 tigers left in Bangladesh after last count got it wrong
SpaceShipTwo crash due to lax safety oversight say investigators
Iron-age arsonists' leftovers hint at how Earth's poles may flip
Living lasers made by injecting oil droplets into human cells
Two possible MERS cases force hospital in Manchester to close
Interpreting body language is no problem for kids with autism
Is it possible to permanently delete a social media profile?
Smart mirror monitors your face for telltale signs of disease
Leading climate scientist: Future is bleaker than we thought
Resistant bacteria don't just evade drugs – they are fitter too
What would happen if a massive comet crashed into the sun?
In so many words: Don't kill small-life before Red World trip
Megafauna extinction: DNA evidence pins blame on climate change
Four-legged fossil holds secret of snake's slithering origins
Earth-like alien world looms into view through Kepler telescope
I don't predict a riot: jail smoking ban need not spell unrest
ButtonMasher: The gamers who only want to explore virtual worlds
So many milks: But do their health claims really stack up?

Scientific American

Deadly SpaceShipTwo Crash Caused by Co-Pilot Error: NTSB
Recall Shows That a Hack Attack on Car Controls Is a Credible Threat
We Transformed Living Cells from Pigs into Tiny Lasers
Melting Mummies Are on Thin Ice, Thanks to Climate Change
Soil-Dwelling Fungus Rode Joplin Tornado to Unexpected Human Home
What Is Your Most Significant "What If...?" Moment?
Safeguarding the Food Supply
Are Touch Screens Ruining Our Children?
Northern Forests Falter in Combating Climate Change
Zooniverse: Season Spotter
Bangladesh Has 75 Percent Fewer Tigers Than Expected
What CityLab Gets Wrong about EVs
Catholic Spies in the New World? Relics Pose New Puzzle About Early American Colony
Baseball Great Thanks Tommy John Surgery, Decries Its Frequency
New Heart Drugs More Expensive than Expected
Kepler 452 b: What It Would Be Like to Live on Earth's "Cousin"
A Whale of a Tale: Those Cetacean Waste Products Are More Valuable Than You Think
Hillary Clinton Vows to Make U.S. a Clean Energy Superpower
Hidden Hearing Loss from Everyday Noise
What You Don't Understand about Suicide Attacks
Why Do Some People Believe in Conspiracy Theories?
Simple Cooking Method Flushes Arsenic out of Rice
Why Cramming Gets a "C"
Dolphins "Shout" to Be Heard over Boat Noise
In Defense of Big Data

BBC Science/Nature

First English US founders identified
EU satellite gears up for data flood
Braking error led to spaceship crash
'Laughing gas' emissions understated
Ancient tooth found in French cave
VIDEO: Chasing Britain's most threatened duck
Tech experts caution on killer AI
Neolithic house discovery at Avebury
Hunter kills 'iconic' Zimbabwe lion
Orchid spotters map shifting blooms
Pluto may have 'nitrogen glaciers'
Device limits aircraft bomb impact
Pictish fort 'is Scotland's oldest'
Chick has surgery on broken beak
'Earth 2.0' found by Nasa telescope
Four-legged snake fossil discovered
VIDEO: Virgin Galactic crash: Brakes blamed
VIDEO: Scientists fear robotic weapons
VIDEO: The bag designed to thwart terrorists
VIDEO: All the Pluto pictures in 60 seconds
VIDEO: Soyuz successfully docks at ISS
VIDEO: Rare wildcat kittens emerge from den
VIDEO: Campaign to preserve Armstrong spacesuit
VIDEO: Battling deadly disease in wombats
Why we like to believe that dinosaurs were scaly
Bloodhound Diary: A riveting 'tail'
Iberian lynx returns to Spain from verge of extinction
Australia's role in search for alien life
Fresh water 'key' to monsoon forecast
Arsenic threat: Is it safer to cook rice in a coffee percolator?

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