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New Scientist

Icy moon explorer gets an Alaska road test
California's Katrina? The great delta dilemma
Art by algorithm: Computer evolves new artworks
Wiping out species can push people into slavery
Feathersaurus: plant-eating dinos had plumage too
Untried death cocktails causing botched executions
As sanctions deepen, just how crucial is Russian gas?
This brand-new kingfisher is critically endangered
When art changes the rules for science
Nerve implant retrains your brain to stop tinnitus
Give forests to local people to preserve them
Quantum split: Particle this way, properties that way
Oxygen oasis for early life found in ancient rock
Baxter the robot brings his gentle touch to novel jobs
An easier way to turn plant scraps to plastics
The new Google? Baidu's big plans to bust out of China
Worm neuron hack to probe the mysteries of our brains
Today on New Scientist
Tragic cruise ship Concordia makes its final journey
Kinect projector guides people up a climbing wall
Liquid bits could brim with data in future computers
Threatwatch: Chikungunya virus hits the US and Europe
Zoologger: Moose dribble turns off grass's toxic defences
Brazil to unleash GM-mosquito swarms to fight dengue
We've locked up carbon dioxide by turning it to stone

Scientific American

Prescription Refill Appearance Change Puts Patients Off Meds
Heparin Does Not Reduce Pregnancy Complications, and May Create Some
Most Dinosaurs May Have Sported Birdlike Feathers
A Call for Easy Access to More Contraception and Choices
Alternative Fusion Technologies Heat Up
"Unacceptably Low" Number of Teens Receives HPV Vaccine
Instant Genius after Head Trauma [Video]
Concerns Grow over Damage to Wheat Crop Quality
12 delightful resources for word nerds everywhere
What Makes Ice Melt Fastest?
A Bold Critic of the Big Bang's "Smoking Gun"
How to Determine the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming
Yellow Light Grows the Best Algae for Biofuels
Act on Climate Change, but Tackle Other Global Problems, Too
New Brain Implant Conquers Vertigo
Humans among the primates
Court Sentences Rhino Poacher to a Record 77 Years
Salmonella's Favorite Food Could Be Its Achilles' Heel
The High-Heel Hottie Effect: The Evolutionary Psychology of Women’s Shoes
Dogs Experience Jealousy
Hit by Climate Change, Dwindling Antarctic Seal Population Grows More Diverse
Farmers Fight Explosion of "Superweeds"
U.S. Gets Lackluster Energy Efficiency Rating
Nuclear Plants Forced to Cut Output Due to Warm Weather
Can 1 Power Plant Clean Up Coal and Make Money?

BBC Science/Nature

Call for end to 'throwaway society'
Government to end nuclear waste veto
Carbon concerns over wood burning
Rosetta's comet seen in close-up
Nasa seeks aid with Earth-Mars links
Genetic clues to age of first period
Dogs 'hardwired' to be jealous wags
Fur seals feel climate impacts
Voyage to unlock Arctic secrets
EU sets 30% energy savings target
Bats 'fly by polarised light'
Deep sea mining licences issued
Quarantine over China plague death
Three person IVF plans 'progress'
Beef's greater environment burden
Secret of sandstone shapes revealed
Four-winged dinosaur found in China
Kepler sees world with distant orbit
Aids researchers on crashed plane
UK space shot's tribute to Newton
'Biological pacemaker' tested in lab
Rosetta heads for 'space duck'
Scientists develop robotic fingers
Seals 'feed' at offshore wind farms
Software can decode bird songs
Australia votes to repeal carbon tax
Twitchers flock to glimpse rare bird
Climate-sceptic charity to be split
Dolphin attacks on bay porpoises
Two rare Amur leopards born at zoo

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