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New Scientist

Zoologger: Fickle female guppies fancy fresh faces
Beat temptation with the marshmallow psychologist
How air conditioning overwhelmed its hothead haters
Chimp social network shows how new ideas catch on
Earth gets a new companion for trip around sun
World's wildlife population halved in just 40 years
Blame climate change for heatwaves that struck in 2013
Today on New Scientist
Hong Kong protesters use a mesh network to organise
Rogue winds swept humans to last uninhabited islands
Earth's navel: Stare into an eye-wateringly big hole
Sunflower solar harvester provides power and water
Strange rock formation was "fracked" by ancient quake
Behind the smile: What dolphins really think
How to be genuinely yourself when always online
Today on New Scientist
Japan eruption practically undetectable in advance
Chagos marine reserve polluted by politics
Why we weren't ready for Ebola
Cosmic ray blitz: Space invaders that fry electronics
Crazy weather traced to Arctic's impact on jet stream
Oh give me a rainbow home where the buffalo roam
India's Mars triumph signals a rising space power
Today on New Scientist
Kew's Intoxication season: live the high life

Scientific American

Dolphins May Use Magnetic Sense as GPS
How Much Are Drug Companies Paying Your Doctor?
Blind Cavefish Stops Its Internal Clock
Alaska Highway Getting More Bumps in the Road
CERN at 60: The Biggest Moments at the Famous Particle Physics Lab
Astronauts May Moonwalk Faster than Expected
The Seabird Ecological Assessment Network (SEANET)
Lower IQ in Children Linked to Chemical in Water
MacArthur "Genius" Winner: Math Might Help Crack Mysteries of Schizophrenia
Global Warming Fired Up Heat Waves in 2013
How a Deadly Volcano Erupted in Japan without Warning
Point of View Affects How Science Is Done
China Launches Media Campaign to Back Genetically Modified Crops
3 Rules for Absurd Internet Stunts
Steven Pinker's Sense of Style
Do Dogs Respond to Videotaped Commands?
Recovery of Volcano Victims Suspended amid Signs of Rising Activity
Yeast Coaxed to Make Morphine
App IDs Other Battery-Eater Apps
Quantum Bits Compressed for the First Time
Marine Archaeology Goes High-Tech
Deforestation Threatens Newly Identified Bird in Brazil
What Are the Most Dangerous Threats to Air Quality?
Lots or Little Sleep Linked to Sick Days
Know the Jargon: "Human Shield Effect"

BBC Science/Nature

Protest halts Nasa spaceflight plans
New images from Flight MH370 hunt
Complex molecule discovered in space
World wildlife populations 'plummet'
Date fixed for comet landing attempt
Mars rover bites mountain's base
Obama expands Pacific marine reserve
African fish nourish Amazon
'Turtle smuggling' Canadian arrested
Indian Mars probe sends first images
Threatened birds of prey 'vanish'
Brazil releases 'good' mosquitoes
Novel antibiotic class created
Melt ponds forecast ice retreat
First Russian woman in ISS mission
Water seen on Neptune-sized planet
Cosmic study 'underestimated' dust
Molten metal batteries for the grid
'Artificial eye' to detect particles
Slippery banana study wins Ig Nobel
Nasa picks astronaut ship designs
Europeans drawn from three 'tribes'
Liberia in 'trees for cash' deal
Hyenas feast at vulture restaurants
Farming 'vital for global growth'
Global protests over climate change
Rockefellers to divest fossil fuels
Murder 'comes naturally' to chimps
Inky prints show state of hedgehogs
Ancient China fish 'nearly extinct'

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