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New Scientist

The warps in space that make Einstein's perfect cosmic accident
Our water is full of drugs and we don't know their effects
China's fancy for ‘aquatic cocaine' could wipe out rare porpoise
New NASA budget could put asteroid-grabbing mission in jeopardy
Arctic ice melt is killing birds and will leave caribou stranded
Monsanto cuts deal to use CRISPR to engineer food
Supernova extraordinaire might actually be a black hole's lunch
Blind people use brain's visual cortex to help do maths
The Wikipedia bots that are engaged in spats that never end
Could sex hormones help addicted women stop taking opioids?
Scientists demand halt to damming of Europe's last wild river
Five wild lionesses grow a mane and start acting like males
World's largest telescope array takes its deepest view yet
Body clock gene may help lethal spread of breast cancer
You can see fracking's impact on Earth's surface from space
World war on superbugs can only be won by a UN-led global effort
Mystery text's language-like patterns may be an elaborate hoax
Repairing your old fridge sounds green but buying new is better
Fish recorded singing dawn chorus on reefs just like birds
Should UK's Royal Society host those who deny climate science?
Kuwait lawyers fight world's first mandatory DNA sampling law
World's hardiest animal has evolved radiation shield for its DNA
Quantum teleportation over 7 kilometres of cables smashes record
The oil and gas we have already tapped will take us past 1.5 °C
How baby beluga whales dive deeper and longer than any others
Revealed: The renewable energy scam making global warming worse
Gene-reading software to cut TB diagnosis from months to minutes
Send secret messages hidden in the DNA of bacterial spores
Germany to create world's first highway code for driverless cars
Brain has carrot and stick to teach us how to behave

Scientific American

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BBC Science/Nature

China's colossal radio telescope begins testing
New report confirms grim outlook for elephants
Poor food 'risks health of half the world'
Horses can communicate with us - scientists
Bird flu poses threat to penguins - scientists
Ig Nobel win for Alpine 'goat man'
Species body says extra elephant protection could boost ivory trade
UK researchers tap into China's scientific powerhouse
Dry tropical forests 'overlooked and under threat'
Scientists solve singing fish mystery
DNA hints at earlier human exodus from Africa
Watching films releases 'natural painkiller'
China space station to fall to Earth in 2017
How to encourage hedgehogs into your garden
Scientists solve singing fish mystery
See what a button battery can do to a child's throat
Prince William: 'We must do more on illegal ivory trade'
Four rare white lions cubs born in Poland
Search on for the Asian hornet queen
Anglo-Saxon 'palace' found at Rendlesham near Sutton Hoo site
In pictures: Astro Photographer of the Year
Grand Canyon in blue
Science snaps
Numbers game
Water wars
History of flooding
A surgeon's downfall
Animal secrets
Fair game?
Fracking fight

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