New Scientist

Blood test detects Alzheimer's plaques building up in brain
California climate case turns up the heat on fossil fuel giants
How the dark web's gunrunners covertly ship US weapons to Europe
Plastics made fireproof thanks to mother-of-pearl mimic
Bioinspired tube robot can sneak round corners and turn on taps
Robot physical therapist helps people walk again after a stroke
First dogs may have been extremely sociable wolves
How the opioid crisis may have saved US healthcare
First Australians may have arrived much earlier than we thought
Earth's underwater dunes help explain Venus's weird surface
The death of smoking: how tobacco will be eradicated for good
We could build a galactic internet but it may take 300,000 years
Buzz of drones is more annoying than any other kind of vehicle
Why fast birds, fish and animals are never too small or big
What is chemsex and why is the UK government worried about it?
Rising life expectancy in England has slowed since recession
Tanzanian volcano blast could destroy ancient hominin footprints
Quantum simulator with 51 qubits is largest ever
Never-before-seen photos of leopard cub being raised by a lion
The cosmic dance of three dead stars could break relativity
At least 75 per cent of our DNA really is useless junk after all
UK government wants only 12 per cent of adults to smoke by 2022
Prenatal test spots genetic anomalies linked to miscarriage
Find your next must-play game by flying through a virtual galaxy
Large carnivores have lost more than 90 per cent of their range
Ravens can plan for future as well as 4-year-old children can
US ranked worst healthcare system, while the NHS is the best
AI doctors should improve healthcare, but not at any cost
Laws of mathematics don't apply here, says Australian PM
AI coach will train hopeless chatbots to pass the Turing test

Scientific American

The Larsen C Iceberg Is Already Cracking Up
Earth's Tectonic Activity May Be Crucial for Life -- and Rare in Our Galaxy
Teaching Computers to Enjoy the View
Watch a Wolf Pup Vet Visit
Buried Tools and Pigments Tell a New History of Humans in Australia for 65,000 Years
Stellar Winds Could Be Bad News for Life on TRAPPIST-1 Planets
3 Toxic Thinking Habits That Feed Your Insecurity
No Evidence for Past Martian Civilization, Scientists Tell Congress
Schools Are Turning to Virtual Doctors for Sick Kids
The U.S. Is Not Ready to Clean Up an Arctic Oil Spill
Can You Hear Me Now? How to Protect Yourself From Voice Hackers
Is Anyone Home? A Way to Find Out If AI Has Become Self-Aware
Raising Alcohol Taxes Can Curtail Assaults and Suicides
Satellite Snafu Masked True Sea Level Rise for Decades
Robust Emergency Fund Needed to Respond to Future Disease Outbreaks
Untangling the Mystery of How Fido Became Humankind's Best Friend
Space Stations: Archaeological Sites in Low-Earth Orbit
Nasty, Brutish and Short: Are Humans DNA-Wired to Kill?
What Goes On in Our Brains When We Are in Love?
Too Sunny in Philadelphia? Satellites Zero in on Dangerous Urban Heat Islands
Super-Earths May Explain Curious Gaps in Planet-Forming Disks
Astronomers Detect Strange Signals from Red Dwarf Star
The Real Costs of Cheap Surveillance
California Locales Sue Fossil Fuel Companies for Rising Seas
The Ketamine Breakthrough for Suicidal Children

BBC Science/Nature

Why dogs are friendly - it's written in their genes
Australia human history 'rewritten by rock find'
UK rhino eggs 'could save last northern whites'
Mighty T. rex 'walked rather than sprinted'
How did dogs become our best friends? New evidence
LISA Pathfinder: Time called on Europe's gravity probe
Is there such a thing as 'flying ant day'?
California votes to extend cap-and-trade climate law to 2030
Scottish osprey chicks moved to Spain
Drifting Antarctic iceberg A-68 opens up clear water
Why the cheetah is a champion sprinter
Scientists marvel at creatures' 'precise' body clock
A mission to the Pacific plastic patch
World's large carnivores being pushed off the map
Maryam Mirzakhani, first woman to win maths' Fields Medal, dies
Butterfly numbers facing 'vital' period - Sir David Attenborough
Waste products, not crops, key to boosting UK biofuels
Gannet bonanza on Yorkshire cliffs
Record number of environmental activists killed around the world
Blue whale takes centre-stage at Natural History Museum
Behold Jupiter's Great Red Spot
UK animal experiments fall by 5% - annual figures
Bialowieza Forest: Poland sued over ancient woods logging
Giant iceberg splits from Antarctic
'Make new rules' to save the oceans
Telescopes to reach nine billion light years away
Will wildcat lynx be reintroduced to the UK?
Ancient underwater forest found in US
Plastic found in remote South Pacific
The farmer helping to cut cow farts

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