New Scientist

Could a diet save the planet? Only if we pay the real cost of food
Every bottle of prosecco may erode 4.4 kilograms of Italian hillside
10 year challenge: How science and the world have changed
We've dug up tiny animals from beneath a frozen Antarctic lake
Australia swelters in record temperatures with warmest ever night
No-deal Brexit could lead to drug shortages and delayed operations
Peacocks might use their showy tails for covert communication
Silencing brain cells in mice can make them no longer care about pain
Moon craters reveal surprise rise in asteroid shrapnel pelting Earth
Saturn's rings formed in a smash-up less than 100 million years ago
AI chemist figures out how to legally clone expensive patented drugs
Global leaders warn of ecological collapse and technological meltdown
We've seen methane rain gleaming on the icy plains of Titan
Why CERN's plans for a €20 billion supersized collider are a bad idea
Rational thinking is saving antibiotics – it could work on Brexit too
Songwriter AI emulates the Beatles with a little help from its friends
Mathematician's record-beating formula can generate 50 prime numbers
Engineered bacteria could mop up toxic ammonia in the human gut
Robot dog taught itself to get back up when people kick it over
Manatees, whales and turtles are coming back from the brink in the US
Growth of desalination plants is a serious problem for marine life
Type 2 diabetes may not be a lifelong condition
Robot version of our distant ancestor hints at how we learned to walk
The war against antibiotic resistance is finally turning in our favour
Huge spinning ice disc in river provides a carousel for ducks
New Scientist launches internship scheme for aspiring BAME journalists
Cuttlefish embryos can see and recognise predators before they hatch
China's moon garden is dead as the craft is plunged into lunar night
Long penises help hermit crabs avoid being robbed during sex
How hagfish can make enough slime to clog a shark's jaws in seconds

Scientific American

Cypher's Choice: Painful Reality or Pleasant Delusion?
In the Nature–Nurture War, Robert Plomin Is Fighting a Losing Battle
Lunar De-Light! How to View 2019's Sole Total Eclipse of the Moon
The Anak Krakatau Tsunami, from the Beginning until Now
Pesticides on Our Plates: Is Our Food Safe to Eat?
Are Psychopaths Attractive to Other Psychopaths?
Lunar Craters Show Spike in Earth-Pummeling Space Rocks
Viewing This Weekend's Lunar Eclipse
Resurrecting the Genes of Extinct Plants
Glaciers in the Americas Are Melting Faster
A New Way to Help Manage Parkinson's
Has LIGO Seen Galaxy-Warped Gravitational Waves?
Care about Science? Demand a Better Democracy
The Cerebellum Is Your "Little Brain"--and It Does Some Pretty Big Things
Why a Scientist Is Running for Seattle City Council
Save the Sharks!
U.S. Astronomers Ponder Science Priorities for the 2020s and Beyond
"Mona Lisa Effect" Not True for Mona Lisa
RoboFossil Reveals Locomotion of Beast from Deep Time
The Moment We First Saw Ultima Thule Up Close
When Leaders are Bullies
Climate Forecast: World Is "Sleepwalking into Catastrophe"
Is Cannabis Good or Bad for Mental Health?
Heat Waves Are Causing Mass Fish Deaths in Australia
Bitter Reality: Most Wild Coffee Species Risk Extinction Worldwide

BBC Science/Nature

In pictures: 'Super blood wolf moon'
Skywatchers see 'super blood wolf moon'
Black Arrow: UK space rocket returns home from Australia
World's coffee under threat, say experts
Climate change: Is nuclear power the answer?
Cern plans even larger hadron collider for physics search
China's Moon mission sees first seeds sprout
Concerns over increase in toxic brine from desalination plants
Watch how air pollution moves across Europe
Wood burners and open fires face restrictions in new clean air plan
James Watson: Scientist loses titles after claims over race
Mathematician Sir Michael Atiyah dies aged 89
Guardian switches to potato starch wrapping
Chang'e-4: China Moon probes take snaps of each other
Spektr-R: Russia's only space telescope 'not responding'
SpaceX launch completes Iridium satellite refresh
Ella Kissi-Debrah 'pollution' death: Backing for new inquest
South Africa sniffer dog intercepts 116kg of rhino horn
Signals from space: Five theories on what they are
Anak Krakatau: Finnish radar satellite eyes tsunami volcano
Swimming with huge female pregnant great white sharks
How do you transport a rhino from Germany to the UK?
Giant ice disc appears in Presumpscot River, Westbrook
World's loneliest frog finds a possible mate
The women fighting fast fashion waste
Giant hi-tech tomato glasshouse set to produce millions of the fruit
Saturn's spectacular rings are 'very young'
World's 'loneliest' frog gets a date
Mysterious radio signals from deep space detected
Recycling: Where is the plastic waste mountain?

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