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New Scientist

Google wants to rank websites based on facts not links
To save the rainforest, let the locals take control
Amazon deforestation soars after a decade of stability
Why US law on guns and mental health needs to change
Today on New Scientist
A user's guide to touch
Drone buzzes South America's first wildlife bridge
Great white sharks attack prey under cover of sun
Feedback: Ferrari jumps the units shark
What colour is the dress? Here's why we disagree
Treating inherited disease could start in the womb
Programmable pop-up materials can morph on command
Kitchen-table physics lets you do big science at home
Britons may have imported wheat long before farming it
Future-predicting neurons discovered in the brain
The Nether: Real morality for a virtual world
Today on New Scientist
Memory lapse draws bumblebees to untried flowers
Body swaps sound like fantasy, but pose real questions
6 things you're dying to ask about head transplants

Scientific American

Rubbery Glass, Zero-Gravity Life and More: Scientific American's March Issue
Fewer People are Calling Poison Control Centers
Air Force Space Command General on Keeping Space Collision-Free
Scientific American and Nature Editors Remember Leonard Nimoy
The Disease That Killed "Spock": Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Why Julianne Moore and Taylor Swift See That Dress Differently
The Shifting Politics of NASA's Astronaut Program
Alien Life Prefers Circles
Star Trek's Leonard Nimoy Dies at 83
Book Review: Rust: The Longest War
"Big Brain" Gene Allowed for Evolutionary Expansion of Our Neocortex
Rain Revealed in Unprecedented Detail by Satellites
Battery Fires Pose New Risks to Firefighters
On Our Book Shelf: Editors' Picks
Alzheimer's Diagnostic Tests Inch Forward, but Treatments Are Still Lacking
Things to Make and Do in the Fourth Dimension (Book Review)
Britain Imported Wheat 2,000 Years before Growing It
Young Black Hole Had Monstrous Growth Spurt
The “Pause” in Global Warming Is Finally Explained
When Patient and Doc Speak Different Languages, Google Translate Can Help—or Hinder
Slippery Science: Explore Friction by Launching Stuff
Coral Collapse Millennia Ago May Preview Global Warming Impact
Trade in Shark Fins Takes a Plunge
Teacher Brings Hope to Ebola Victims
Drugs for Metabolism Could Reverse Lupus

BBC Science/Nature

'Exquisite' gravity probe leaves UK
Wheat present in UK 'for 8,000 years'
Killer frog disease hits Madagascar
Fungus plays 'biomusic' duet
Lords call for UK Arctic ambassador
'Concern' over bugs in shop chicken
Giant caiman packed fierce bite
MPs call for reform of GM crop rules
Machine learns to play video games
Solar loses out in renewables auction
US sea level rise 'very unusual'
Europe's 'Landsat' ready for launch
'Invest more' in protected areas
Dutch town terrorised by rogue owl
Call for global single-use syringes
Bionic research project gets £1.4m
Russia extends space station role
VIDEO: Brain-controlled drone shown off
Black hole's blast stunts stars
UN climate head Pachauri resigns
Kew announces new science plans
Robins' nighttime singing probed
'Next Pinatubo' a test of geoengineering
Threatened birds of prey 'vanish'
Hyenas feast at vulture restaurants
Brazil releases 'good' mosquitoes
VIDEO: An eco-system inside your home
VIDEO: Bionic eye will 'restore sight'
VIDEO: Global sinkholes explained - in 60 secs
VIDEO: Finger on the pulse of bionic research

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