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New Scientist

Guilty pleasures: Can you ease the effects of drinking too much?
Antisocial media: How Facebook is helping us to be nicer
Empathetic budgies yawn when they see their peers do the same
Lost memories recovered in mice with a flash of light
Gene study shows humans took Egyptian path out of Africa
It's time we turned social networks into real communities
Mars lander gets set for mission to probe planet's depths
Why now is the right time to abolish the UK's nuclear deterrent
Guilty pleasures: How much chocolate can your body handle?
Guilty pleasures: Which bad habits can you get away with?
Win-win deal helps avoid war over Ethiopia's $5 billion Nile dam
Record smashed at LHC as machine limbers up for its second run
New Ugandan radio stations run on sun, smartphones and buckets
Spacecraft built from graphene could run on nothing but sunlight
Dust from asteroid mining spells danger for satellites
Machines are about to start making their own beautiful music
CSI Stone Age: was 430,000-year-old hominin murdered?
New species of early human was Lucy's neighbour in Africa
Brain implant that decodes intention will let us probe free will
'Vaccine' stops mice feeling stress – but should people take it?

Scientific American

A Few of My Favorite Spaces: The Topologist's Sine Curve
No Human Error Seen in Anthrax Mishap, U.S. Army Chief Says
El Nino Can Raise Sea Levels along U.S. West Coast
Why Carbon Is the Best Marker for the New Human Epoch
Federal Dollars Are Financing the Water Crisis in the West
An Octopus That Can "See" with Its Skin
How the U.S. West Can Live with Fire
CSI: Middle Pleistocene
On Mauna Kea, Astronomers and Hawaiians Can Share the Skies
Climate Change Low among Our Keystone Pipeline Concerns
Black Hole "Blazars" Reveal Hidden Side of the Universe [Video]
The Physics of Baseball: How Far Can You Throw?
New Human Ancestor Discovered Near Fossil of “Lucy”
What Australia Can Teach the World about Surviving Drought
Cruel Experiments on Infant Monkeys Still Happen All the Time--That Needs to Stop
Laser Weapons Get Real
What Your Pet Reveals about You
Presenting: “The Science of Food”
What Makes Food Taste So Good?
Giant International Trade Treaties Center on Science
Don't Overthink It, Less Is More When It Comes to Creativity
Mummy Mavens Unwrap Preservation Methods
Slow Hurricane Season Expected
Heaviest Downpours Rise across the U.S.
Antibiotic Alternatives Rev Up Bacterial Arms Race

BBC Science/Nature

Alloy bounces back 10 million times
Black hole seen 'playing billiards'
Earliest evidence of human violence
'New species' of ancient human found
Food bug 'found in 73% of chickens'
Robots adapt to damage in seconds
Mice in space develop thin skin
Crowd size estimated with phone data
Nepal seeks expert advice on tourism
How Arctic ozone hole was avoided
Cold sore virus 'treats skin cancer'
Volcano erupts on Galapagos island
Spiders strum on leaves for love
'Dementor' wasp among 139 new species
Ramakrishnan to lead Royal Society
Tiger-tagging app to boost tracking
Europe drops asteroid sampling idea
Ministers challenged over CO2 cuts
Huge marine reserve for Pitcairn
Mercury pollution risk to Arctic gull
Tidal lagoon 'negotiations open'
VIDEO: 'New species' of ancient human unearthed
VIDEO: Why the Common Dolphin is becoming more common
VIDEO: Where does Crossrail waste earth go?
VIDEO: Solar plane pilot: 'Weather risk too big'
VIDEO: How an ancient parasite was frozen in time
VIDEO: Dog evolution 'earlier than thought'
VIDEO: Inuit challenge to EU seal ban
VIDEO: New ways to grow food in space
Sending ice to Antarctica

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