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New Scientist

I tried out being a space trucker in a Dream Chaser mini-shuttle
Nano-camera lens reveals the hidden mirror world of molecules
NASA approves five more years for Hubble Space Telescope
Princess Leia brainwaves may help you learn in your sleep
Watch a baby sea turtle being hypnotised so we can weigh it
Could a vast rubber boom clean up tonnes of ocean plastic?
Tourists pick up antibiotic-resistance genes in just two days
Who needs water? Dry volcanic vents more alive than wet soil
New life form discovered in saliva is linked to human disease
Hundreds of genes seen sparking to life two days after death
Stop vets offering homeopathy – placebo doesn't work for pets
Save the driver or pedestrian? Such robot car dilemmas are folly
IKEA of energy delivers clean, green solar power-plant in a box
Elderly monkeys choose to have fewer friends – just like us
Male infertility cure will be gateway to editing our kids' genes
Hubble spots a new long-lived storm raging on Neptune
3D-printed phones herald world of instant electronic everything
I smelled comet 67P's deadly pong and lived to tell the tale
Will bad weather have an impact on today's EU referendum vote?
Why you should worry about intelligent machines
Zika virus prompts increase in unsafe abortions in Latin America
NATO says the internet is now a war zone – what does that mean?
LIGO black hole pair may be stars that lived and died together
First human CRISPR trial given go-ahead: your questions answered
Pluto must have liquid ocean or it'd look like an overripe peach
Wearable device for racehorses could help prevent fatal injuries
Forget killer robots: This is the future of supersmart machines
A yellow fever epidemic has hit central Africa. Is Asia next?
Is Larry Page right, are we poised for a flying car revolution?
Beware the Brexit bots: The Twitter spam out to swing your vote

Scientific American

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BBC Science/Nature

EU referendum: UK science wakes up to new future
Solar Impulse completes Atlantic crossing with landing in Seville
Scientists hungry to deliver food system paradigm shift
Buenos Aires to shut scandal-prone zoo
Rise of border fences hampers wildlife movements
Diesels more polluting below 18C, research suggests
Warmer winters play important role in EU emissions drop
Peake: 'I would return to space in a heartbeat'
Iceland's fishing industry 'better off outside' EU
New crop varieties 'can't keep up with global warming'
How early mammals evolved night vision to escape dinos
China builds world's most powerful computer
UK astronaut Tim Peake returns to Earth
Melt ponds suggest no Arctic sea-ice record this year
Nasa-style mission needed to map ocean floor
Study unlocks surprising behaviour of soil bacteria
UK-funded ice breaker in 'elite' Arctic tourism row
Tree planting at 'an all time low'
European Space Agency still backing Mars rover project
More gravitational waves detected
Frog rescue: Last hope for endangered amphibian
Tim Peake: 'I saw flames outside the window'
British astronaut Tim Peake's 'incredible experience'
Tim Peake: The UK astronaut's best photos and comments
Final handshakes in space station
Tim Peake: A look at Sokol spacesuit used for re-entry
Mars crater named after Nepal quake village Langtang
'Last breath'
Project re-ignited
Dead Sea drying

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