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Bill Gates' robot tax alone won't save jobs: here's what will
AI beats professional players at Super Smash Bros. video game
Bees learn to play golf and show off how clever they really are
Extinct Neanderthals still control expression of human genes
Plain packets help smokers quit by killing brand identities
Voyager 1 might have seen Enceladus' icy plumes 25 years early
Dozy drivers pose big dilemma for next step in autonomous cars
Hiring tool uses behavioural science to stop recruitment bias
Effective altruism is re-inventing how we do good – can it work?
Exoplanet discovery: Seven Earth-size exoplanets may have water
The EU's renewable energy policy is making global warming worse
AI learns to write its own code by stealing from other programs
You should be eating 10 pieces of fruit or veg every day, not 5
Desert people evolve to drink water poisoned with deadly arsenic
Female fish mate 200 times but save eggs for the perfect male
Skulls reveals that ancient Americans didn't mix with neighbours
HIV vaccine therapy lets five people control virus without drugs
Pluto is still an ex-planet, no matter what its fans think
Successful Russian launch re-paves the way to space station
‘Meditating mice' reveal secrets of mindfulness training
Worst-ever coral bleaching event continues into fourth year
New species of bushbaby found in disappearing forests of Angola
Buttercups focus light to heat their flowers and attract insects
US scientists voice fears over how science will fare under Trump
Smart meter tracks when the kettle's on to check grandpa's OK
Putting cancer patients in hibernation could help tackle tumours
Exercise reduces death from breast cancer relapse by 40 per cent
Bird flu strain hitting China may be getting more dangerous
You are what you eat: Old food shortens lifespan in animals
Mind-reading typing tool for paralysed people is fastest yet

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Minister to enshrine protection for research independence
Most wood energy schemes are a 'disaster' for climate change
Star's seven Earth-sized worlds set record
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US children's hospital helps save life of baby hippo
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Call for brain donors
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