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Challenging assignment for debate moderator Holt
The reinvention of Jose Fernandez
Washington mall shooting: Police arrest 20-year-old suspect
Family: Charlotte police video leaves many questions about fatal shooting
The Latest: UN Sec-Gen 'appalled' by Syria violence
At home with Charles Osgood
Mundelein man killed, 4 others wounded in Champaign shootings
Facebook post on Islam leads to Jordanian atheist writer Nahed Hattar's murder
Seven people stabbed in Boston's Theater District
Snapchat Releases First Hardware Product, Spectacles
Amway College Football Poll 2016: Week 5 Top 25 Rankings Announced
'From Paradise to Hell': How an Aid Convoy in Syria Was Blown Apart
Bill Nunn, 'Do the Right Thing' Actor, Dead at 62
Ex-Spartans DB, current CFLer Mylan Hicks killed in nightclub shooting
Odell Beckham Jr., Josh Norman get physical early in rematch
Three killed in 'mid-air collision' over North Collins
Clinton, Trump to meet separately with Israel PM Netanyahu
Mexico: Thousands protest against same-sex marriage proposal
Man arrested after Toomer's Corner tree fire
High Five, Low Five ... No Five: Prince George Leaves Justin Trudeau Hanging During Canada Visit
Dodgers bid for NL West title at home (Sep 25, 2016)
Box office report: Denzel Washington has Magnificent $debut at No. 1
Authorities: 1 child, 3 adults dead in house fire
Officers hoof it in 'hotspots' to bridge community divisions
After Cody Kessler fumbles, Browns use Terrelle Pryor at QB
Colin Kaepernick takes part in high school team's protest of police killings
Floyd County deputy wounded by gunshot Saturday night
Corbyn Victory Leaves Little Resolved for U.K. Labour Party
Islamic State claims Baghdad suicide bombing that kills seven
Blast rocks Hungary's capital, two injured

BBC World

Syria conflict: US accuses Russia of 'barbarism' in Aleppo
Police release bodycam footage of Keith Scott shooting
Miami Marlins baseball star Jose Fernandez dies in boat crash
Swiss endorse new surveillance powers
Boko Haram's Shekau says he is 'in good health' following claim of his death
Jordan writer in blasphemy case Nahid Hattar killed
New report confirms grim outlook for elephants
China's colossal radio telescope begins testing
Washington State gun attack suspect in custody
Bosnian Serb referendum on disputed 9 January holiday
Bill Nunn, actor in Spike Lee and Spider Man films, dies
Hungarian police targeted by homemade bomb
No royal high five for PM Trudeau
Bush asks Obama for selfie help
John Lewis hails new Museum of African American History and Culture
Baby pulled alive from ruins of Aleppo
Oprah Winfrey and Will Smith at museum opening
Speedy sausage dogs take to the track
Inside the RAF's Iraq campaign as it tries to liberate Mosul
Singer sorry for Tatarstan mosque belly dance
Mexico town women vote locally for first time
Swedish town vows to protect giant Christmas goat
Grand Canyon in blue
Angry quilter
Chateau boot camp
Foolish prince
Rock'n'roll dreams
Liverpool calling
Prize catch


TIL That originally to be kept secret until 2029, all existing documents related to the John F. Kennedy assassination will be publicly disclosed by October 2017.
Girlfriend in the progress of having her watch stolen
next day shipping
RIP José Fernandez, who gave us one of the best baseball GIFs ever
All you really need
The ninja turtles must be having a party
One-Punch Man TV Anime Gets 2nd Season
Homeless man who found New Jersey bombs is given apartment and job prospects
President Teddy Roosevelt and John Muir above Yosemite Valley in 1903, a trip that created Yosemite National Park. Happy Public Lands Day.
The Golden Tub
Firey Sunset in Glacier National Park, Montana. [OC][3774x4717]
Some of my recent work, hand cut from paper
New North Carolina law (goes into effect Oct. 1st) seeks to block the public from seeing dashboard and body camera videos recorded by police.
My roommates dog is sad that they are out town
You can tell Arrested Development is an old TV show because it's about a CEO who goes to prison.
What 'Starter Pack' stereotype is incredibly accurate?
Took me a minute to realize that this was a separate toggle and not a third gender option....
Incredibly well written and acted out scene from Doubt (2008), in which Phillip Seymour Hoffman as a Priest is questioned by Merryl Streep as a sister about what happened with an alter boy.
[OC] Cookie Moster Fudge!!!
Indian Prime Minister: 'I want to tell the people of Pakistan, India is ready to fight you. If you have the strength, come forward to fight against poverty. Let's see who wins. Let's see who is able to defeat poverty and illiteracy first, Pakistan or India.'
No screws/bolts wooden frame bed
DEA Leader Now Certain: Heroin More Dangerous Than Pot
[WP] You meet a genie that grants one wish. You wish to go back in time and change your biggest mistake. You get taken back to the time right before you made your wish.
Vitas - 7th Element [Electro]
LPT: If you're trying to find an example on how to use a word in a sentence, google it first, and then click 'news'.

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