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So, how did you like President Trump's first few days? Pretty awesome, right?
Foreign Payments to Trump Firms Violate Constitution, Suit Will Claim
East Coast, California brace for powerful storms
Samsung says batteries caused Note 7 fires, may delay new phone launch
NFL Conference Championship Blanket: First look at Super Bowl LI between Pats, Falcons
Falcons demolish Packers in NFC championship, 44-21, will play in Super Bowl LI
United Airlines resumes flights after temporary ground order
SAPD: One dead, three others shot in fatal attempted robbery
US committed to Israel embassy move but expected to act cautiously
'Saturday Night Live' recap: Aziz Ansari
Hugo Barra is leaving Xiaomi
The Gambia 'missing millions' after Jammeh flies into exile
Syria peace talks off to rocky start
Jallikattu protest: Violence breaks out in Chennai, other parts of Tamil Nadu
Enormous Void Where Yordano Ventura's Passion and Laughter Once Lived
Actor Fatally Shot On Set for Bliss N Eso Music Video
Trump at the CIA
Theresa May Is Grilled Over UK Missile Test Failure
With French Left in Crisis, Manuel Valls and Benoît Hamon Head to Runoff
Trump issues executive order to start rolling back Obamacare
Bourke St accused fails to front court
Cancer risk from burnt toast, potatoes a massive overreaction
Footballers rally around Hull City's Mason after skull fracture
Australian Open 2017: Roger Federer hitting all the right notes in Melbourne
'Homeland' Season 6, Episode 2: Carrie Is Back to Her Old Self, Bending Rules
North Belfast: Police officer shooting 'planned and reckless'
'We are the new American resistance!'
Vivo V5 Plus review: The Android phone for stylish selfies

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The Gambia 'missing millions' after Jammeh flies into exile
US storms: At least 18 dead in Georgia and Mississippi
China birth rate up after one-child rule change
Syria conflict: Peace talks begin in Astana, Kazakhstan
Samsung confirms battery faults as cause of Note 7 fires
US legal watchdog to sue Trump over foreign payments
Jallikattu: Violence as India bullfight protest intensifies
Actor fatally shot during Bliss n Eso music video in Brisbane
France election: Hamon and Valls in run-off for Socialist candidacy
Donald Trump's team in fresh war of words with US media
Giulio Regeni: Egypt allows CCTV footage to be examined
Bernie Ecclestone could step down as F1 chief this week
Ten seconds to demolish 19 buildings
President Donald Trump says he will 'cherish' Obama letter
US storms: Tornadoes wreak havoc in Mississippi
The Gambia: 'Concern' over missing state millions
Austria teaches asylum seekers how to ski
Jetpack firefighting system showcased in Dubai
Richard Ratcliffe: 'We don't know how Nazanin is'
Cambridge scientists consider fake news 'vaccine'
Australian Open: Jo-Wilfried Tsonga shares heartfelt letter from ball girl
China city unveils parking spaces for toilet breaks
New Zealand imports insects to fight plant invader
Japan city sorry for offensive welfare team jackets
'Significant piece'
Thanks Bill
'An Unsuitable Boy'
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Bar none


Night sky over Yosemite. There were so many stars that I struggled to find constellations!
To the person that pointed out Troy Aikman looks like Jay-Z. It's even better than we thought.
I love this
LPT: If an estranged friend starts casually reaching out periodically, listen a bit more closely, ask and keep the conversation going. It could mean something more.
Make it happen! (x-post from r/titanfall)
Martha Stewart in the 60's
Guy doesn't understand he's in an anti-catcalling report, proceeds to catcall.
Tornado broadcast interrupted by dog on lawnmower
Just another freakin' adorable puppy.
My girlfriend asked me if I could have a threesome, which of her friends I would choose...
Project aims to grow a 'city of trees' - A project aims to plant three million trees - one for every man, woman and child - in Greater Manchester over the next 25 years.
Study: Facebook can actually make us more narrow-minded
TIL that when our ancestors started walking upright on two legs, our skeleton configuration changed affecting our pelvis and making our hips narrower, and that's why childbirth is more painful and longer for us than it is to other mammals.
Rarely seen wilderness of New Zealand [OC] (1500x1000)
My Dad just figured out he's been paying $30/month for AOL dial-up internet he hasn't used for at least the last ten years.
I am the quadriplegic that just posted the exoskeleton picture AMA!
This man is going to his 7th Super Bowl.
The White House has said it is in the early stages of talks to fulfil Donald Trump's pledge to move the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, an action that is likely to spark anger in the Arab world
Make mistakes
Cartoon Network's Adventure Time will be getting a new 8-part mini-series on January 30 called 'Islands' focusing on the search for more humans
ELI5: Is there any particular reason that water bottles have a 'flat' bottom and pop/soda bottles have a 'five pointed' bottom?
Instead of fixing the pole of this bent stop sign, they just removed the bottom bolt so the 'STOP' portion is straight.
Snow and Sunset, watercolor, 30x50cm
All Voldemort had to do was get Quirrel to make Harry come to his office after class on the first day of school, and slit his throat with a knife. No magic for Dumbledore to detect. Old fashioned murder. What an overachieving idiot.
1967 RS/SS Camaro Homebuilt Restoration