French President celebrates during the final !
PsBattle: French President celebrating
This flower looks like deep space.
TIL that in 1997, a poacher wounded a tiger and stole part of its kill. The tiger found the poacher's cabin, destroyed his belongings, waited at least half a day for him to return, then killed and ate him.
Beautiful Bismuth, Digital, 2000x2500px
Keanu Reeves' 'Bill & Ted 3' Facing Production Issues (Financing, Rights, Distribution), Film No Longer Confirmed
Well that sucks
So close to being meaningful and inspiring...
Elon Musk calls British diver who helped rescue Thai schoolboys 'pedo guy' in Twitter outburst
'Only Speak If It Improves Upon The Silence'
And we have a lift off!
Every nice guy ever....
Trump, in interview with CBS News, says 'I think the European Union is a foe' ahead of Putin meeting in Helsinki
Tree trunk carving
Row Row Row Your Float, Gently Down The Stream
France may have won the world cup, but Croatia won our hearts. Congratulations to the silver!
Dennis has a son
That jump 😬
"Cheese" burger
This sick washed up gar skeleton I found.
More Perfect Balance
HPV vaccine eliminates skin cancer in 97-year-old, doctors report in a new paper in JAMA Dermatology. The woman had developed a severe case of squamous cell carcinoma, and chemotherapy and surgery were ruled out as treatments. Each tumor was injected with Gardasil, and all of them disappeared.
That shits rough.
Twitter accounts prediction gets called out.
MRW I'm reminded about my student loan debt

Google News

On Eve of Talks, Trump Congratulates Putin and Calls EU a Trade 'Foe'
The businesses making millions from Trump's child separation policy
Man fatally shot by police identified; police to release body camera footage of incident
France lifts second World Cup after classic final
Feinstein gets progressive smackdown
Police officer, bystander shot to death by man who stole cop's gun in Massachusetts
3 police officers shot in Kansas City, rifle-wielding suspect killed: Officials
Jaguar escapes, kills 6 animals at New Orleans zoo
Papers stolen in a daring Israeli raid on Tehran archive reveal the extent of Iran's past weapons research
Trump told Britain to 'sue' European Union to speed Brexit, Theresa May says
Did Prince Charles and Prince William Snub Trump During His UK Trip?
Former congressman Joe Walsh explains how Sacha Baron Cohen tricked him into supporting arming toddlers with guns
Florida town reopens beaches after 2 apparent shark attacks
Bus crash on New Mexico highway leaves 3 dead, dozens injured
Woman survives a week after crashing 200 feet off cliff in California
Man Arrested After Paraglider Unfurls Anti-Trump Banner at Scotland Resort
Elon Musk Didn't Help Save The Thai Boys. Now He's Attacking Someone Who Did.
Israel's Netanyahu says no ceasefire with Gaza if arson attacks continue
Thai boys pulled from cave mourn navy SEAL who died during rescue operation
Elon Musk's Donations to Republicans Spark Yet Another Controversy
GOP senator: NATO summit 'turned out well'
Obama in ancestral home Kenya to launch sister's project
Democratic Voters Want To See A Fight Against Brett Kavanaugh. Democratic Officials Worry There's Not Much To Do.
Novak Djokovic's 13th slam title was his most unexpected
Pompeo calls talks with North Korea on returning service members' remains 'productive'
Box Office: 'Skyscraper' Gets Rocky Start as 'Hotel Transylvania 3' Checks In at No. 1
Gowdy says he won't support Rosenstein impeachment
Iran's supreme leader calls for government to be backed in face of US sanctions
Meghan Markle's Dad Thinks She's 'Terrified' of Her New Royal Life: 'I Can See It in Her Eyes'
Obama is in Kenya for his sister's project. Then he's off to South Africa

BBC World

Donald Trump: European Union is a foe on trade
Thai cave rescue: Thai boys' tears for lost rescue diver Saman
World Cup 2018: France beat Croatia 4-2 in World Cup final
North Korean restaurant staff defection was forced, manager says
Boeing 'concerns' over US-China trade row
Afghanistan conflict: Civilian deaths hit record high, says UN
US woman rescued a week after California cliff plunge
Chicago clashes after US police kill black man
Spain far right protest against moving Franco's remains
Five boys drown in Bangladesh river after football match
France celebrates winning World Cup 2018
Massive iceberg threatens Greenland village
Chinook helicopter crew rescues climber in Oregon
World Cup through the eyes of young Russia
Ghanaian boys use cassavas to generate electricity
First video messages from rescued Thai boys
Donald Trump: Key moments from Chequers
Facebook launches services for Inuit speakers
Romania may get bill letting women retire earlier
Polish charity gets huge phone bill thanks to stork
Air of optimism sweeps France after World Cup glory
Paid Off: TV show offers to pay off student debt
Why this Bollywood film on middle-age love is unusual
The power-sharing dream: Where women rule in the world
Young Russians see lives changed by World Cup
'Why I keep my vasectomy a secret'
Africa's WWI effort recognised in new Tate Modern exhibit
Taxing 'gossip' on the internet

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