Robber of the year right here
Shaking it for the camera
Love is everything!!!
Dad came straight from work to Bring Dads To Dance Night
I trust you
After getting laid off twice in six months, and moving my family to a crammed apartment in a new city for a job I didn't like, I'm now at a job I love and buying my dream home. It has a bathtub.
Grandma doesn't get the joke
Musk strikes back!
TIL a secret vault was discovered in a long-abandoned maternity home run by nuns... it contained the remains of 800+ toddlers
I think it turned out pretty well!
All 399360 pixels of Obi Wan. In all their magnificent glory.
Exam advice
Trinidad and Tobago elects their first woman President!
Baby hedgehog
Fluid in an Invisible Box (in an Invisible Box)
Hello fren!
I got an e-mail saying, 'At Google Earth, we can read maps backwards!' and I thought...
These jokers ain't woke yet.
‘If kids are old enough to be shot, they're old enough to have an opinion about being shot'
Startled by a cat face pillow
Bravo 👏
Texas serial bombing suspect 'dead' - US reports
John Lennon sniffing Coke (1960's)
Ken M on belly hair and it's value
M83 - Midnight City [Synthpop]

Google News

Austin bombing suspect dies after blowing himself up, police say
It's easy to hate Facebook. It's much tougher to quit.
Spring nor'easter targets Northeast with heavy snow, winds
The US glimpses possible common ground with Russia
Teacher who called military 'lowest of the low' is fired
Mudslide-devastated California towns face evacuations, brace for downpour
Centrist incumbents edge past restive challengers in Illinois primaries
Biden says he would have 'beat the hell out' of Trump in high school for disrespecting women
'Like throwing gasoline onto a fire': Trump poised to shake up legal team as he goes on Mueller offensive
Israeli military confirms it hit Syrian nuclear site in 2007
Fox News Analyst Quits, Calling Network a 'Propaganda Machine'
Israel admits it bombed Syrian 'nuclear site' in 2007
'Right to try' advocacy from Pence and an Indianapolis second-grader gets surprising pushback
The Latest: Nigeria: No 'confrontation' part of release deal
This Stormy Too Shall Pass: Why Conservatives Just Don't Care About Miss Daniels
Incredible mum's labour lasts for four whole days before finally having a C-section
Vatican media chief resigns over doctored letter scandal
Parkland shooting suspect's brother has 'all the same flags,' prosecutors say after arrest
Trump subjected to trifecta of sex-scandal lawsuits
Officer who fatally shot Justine Damond is charged with murder
In the 'grain glitch,' the GOP is reaping what it sowed
Travel costs for EPA chief's security detail topped $30000 on Italy trip
For weeks he trained a dog to do a Nazi salute. He was just convicted of a hate crime.
Lawmakers in Kosovo release tear gas in parliament to prevent vote
Maryland high school shooting: 16-year-old victim remains in critical condition
Robin Williams groped and flashed me on set, says Mork & Mindy co-star
Bills' Zay Jones arrested after naked, bloody argument
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Loves Scrunchies & It's Not The Only Trend She's Been Rocking For Decades
What 'DO NOT CONGRATULATE' says about Trump - and the peril of meeting Kim Jong Un
The Student Loan Industry Finds Friends in Washington

BBC World

Austin bombings: Deceased suspect named as Texas man
Kidnapped Dapchi schoolgirls freed in Nigeria
Israel admits striking suspected Syrian nuclear reactor in 2007
Trump 'warned' not to congratulate Putin in Russia election
Technology giants face European 'digital tax' blow
Pope Francis: Vatican press chief resigns over doctored letter
Lawsuit after Malaysian flag reported as 'IS symbol' in US
Human Rights Watch: Libya 'incapable' of holding elections
Surgeon David Nott: Hack led to Syria air strike
North Korea says sanctions did not push it to seek US talks
Pope Francis to visit Ireland in August
Myanmar president Htin Kyaw resigns
Texas bombings: 'The suspect is deceased'
Eastern Ghouta: A mother's diary of life under siege
Cynthia Nixon holds rally in Brooklyn
Cambridge Analytica: What we know so far
Would you give a stranger your bed?
'Heroes' save trapped man from burning car
Container ships collide in Karachi
Ek Do Teen: The unpopular Bollywood remake that crossed 18m views
Germany returns 3,000-year-old Olmec statues to Mexico
Hamburgers usurp classic baguette sandwich in France
German city installs Karl Marx traffic lights
Tajikistan ministry's book tells women how to dress
Global implications for NZ 'Million Dollar Mouse' success
Smokers fail to respond to UAE 'sin tax'
'Cambodia's Amy Winehouse' mourned as inspiration
Stunning images capture the world around us
Xi Jinping: How China's president got ahead, in hats
Teaching boys that 'real men' would stop rape

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