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Trump Chooses Ben Carson to Lead HUD
Death Toll in Oakland Warehouse Fire Rises to 36 as Search Continues
Europe|Matteo Renzi's Loss in Italy Is Clear, but Who Are the Winners?
Trump Meets With Al Gore on Climate Change While House GOP Rebuffs Tariff Plan
Donald Trump's team is trying to have it both ways on its Taiwan controversy
Georgia father sentenced to life in prison for the hot car death of his 22-month-old son
Protesters Gain Victory in Fight Over Dakota Access Oil Pipeline
North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory (R) concedes closely contested governor's race
Trump Adviser Has Pushed Clinton Conspiracy Theories
New Amazon Go concept won't replace humans, investor says
Ahead of Trump White House, Obama administration releases memo outlining use of force rules
India politician J Jayalalitha dies at 68
The Face of Victory: World War II Sowed the Seeds of Today's America
Fidel Castro's ashes are buried in Santiago de Cuba
US services firms grow at fastest pace since October 2015
How did fake US embassy operate in Ghana for a decade?
Pulse Owner Decides Not to Sell Club to City of Orlando
Judge: Dylann Roof can have attorneys represent him for guilt phase only of his death penalty trial
Young Syrian activist reportedly safe after fears over her disappearance
Review: Oculus' New Controllers Fix the Rift's Biggest Shortcoming
Mall of America hires its first black Santa, racists of the internet lose it
LSU's Leonard Fournette to bypass senior season, enter NFL draft
Do you see the chilling warning signs in this PSA about gun violence?
Oscars: Jimmy Kimmel Pick a Sign of ABC Flexing Its Muscles in Wake of New Academy Deal
Pakistani police say hotel fire kills 11 in Karachi
Under Armour scores first major league deal ever with MLB
Giants fill major hole with addition of closer Mark Melancon
'Westworld': 17 Burning Questions After the Season Finale
National Steak and Poultry Recalls Ready-To-Eat Chicken That May Be Undercooked
French Prime Minister Manuel Valls Announces Run for President

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Italy PM Matteo Renzi delays resignation until budget is passed
India politician J Jayalalitha dies at 68
Justin Ross Harris sentenced to life for son's hot car death
Aleppo tweeting girl Bana Alabed 'is safe'
Iran fashion workers jailed for 'spreading prostitution'
Freiburg murder: Germans urged not to scapegoat migrants
Al Gore meets Donald Trump and Ivanka for climate talks
France election: PM Manuel Valls to run for president
Shinzo Abe to be first Japanese PM to visit Pearl Harbor
Parents group's hidden message becomes online hit
Jimmy Kimmel to host 2017 Oscars
Bob Dylan writes speech for Nobel ceremony
How might China respond to Trump tweets?
Uzbekistan elects a new president
Google's Nigeria boss: 'I believe in sharing'
Journey of a four-year-old trafficked chimpanzee
Spain floods: Man and dog rescued in Costa del Sol
Austria election: Van der Bellen promises to be "pro-European" president
Small tornado hits Russia's Olympic city Sochi
Amazon to open shop with no checkouts
Seattle 'thief' caught by remote car door lock
Businesses offer freebies in Turkish currency campaign
China care home rewards visits to elderly parents
Russian Revolution given social network treatment
Fake embassy
'Hunted down'
Hi, it's the president
Safe haven no more
Running from home
Precious objects


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FedEx left it right inside the door! also...#lifehack
My Local Hardware Store Has a Pet Turtle That Wanders The Store Early in the AM
To whoever put the reflective eyes on this tree by the side of the road.
Hayao Miyazaki's Princess Mononoke set for 20th anniversary theatrical re-release in January
Pretty great team work!
Kitchen, Zain7, Digital, 2009
We are Mr. Trash Wheel and Professor Trash Wheel. We eat MILLIONS of pounds of trash in Baltimore's Inner Harbor.
Getting tricked
TIL the longest marriage on record ended this year when Karam Chand died in England. He and his wife had been married for 90 years.
[Image] No More Zero Days
First edition of Isaac Newton's Principia set to fetch $1m at auction
Amazon's new Amazon Go. Best. Store. Ever.
The result is perfect
Australia thumbs its nose at climate change and reef protection. Country's biggest coal mine gets green light.
I've had enough of Christmas. All year long I work my fingers to the bone to buy all the presents that my kids ask for and what happens Christmas morning? That fat fucker with the beard gets all the credit for it!
The catapult officer risks his life saving the pilot from a crashed and burning Hellcat on the USS Enterprise, 1943
LPT: Can't get to the wifi login page? Browse to!
I make gear knobs from skateboards, here is how I do it.
We insult people by calling them assholes, dicks & pussies - some of the most important and essential body parts. We should be calling people we don't like an appendix.
Skyrim Security Never Ceases to Amaze Me
The Orion capsule ready for transport after its final weld at the Michoud Assembly Facility. Orion will reach an altitude 15 times farther away from Earth than the ISS. Upon reentry, it will endure temperatures up to 4,000 degrees F., higher than any human spacecraft since the moon missions.
What annoys you when other people do it, but you occasionally do it as well?
Science AMA Series: We're a team of researchers who've created a tool to estimate the greenhouse gas emissions of 75 different global oils. AUA!
Countries with Guaranteed Paid Sick Leave