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France elections: Le Pen steps aside as National Front leader
North Korea nuclear: White House calls Senate to briefing
Arkansas prepares for first US double execution in 17 years
US imposes 'sweeping' Syria sanctions over 'chemical' attack
New Orleans removes first of four Confederate statues
Article 308: Jordan to scrap marriage loophole for rapists
Afghan defence chiefs resign over deadly Taliban attack
US-Israeli man, 18, in court over threats against Jewish centres
Ontario to trial giving poor a basic income
Germany's 'Love Parade' organisers to face trial over stampede deaths
Arrests over shooting of Kuki Gallmann at Kenya conservation park
Serena Williams brands Ilie Nastase comments 'racist' and backs investigation
Trump calls record-breaking astronaut Peggy Whitson
The land that used to belong to so-called Islamic State
Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg on grief: ‘It does get better'
Obama at Chicago youth event: 'I'm old'
French election: Voters take yellow chair challenge
US girl, 4, survives fall from bus
Afghan attack: 'The walls are pocked with gunshot fire'
Munch inspired by 'screaming clouds'
Astronaut Peggy Whitson breaks US record
Man lived above Japanese toilet for three years
Political party helps Georgians dodge the draft
New Zealand earthquake gives unexpected benefit
Missing million
Here we go again
100 days, 100 voters
Voodoo rebels
Geeks vs government
'You're hired Happy'

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France's far-left failed to get its 'Bernie Sanders' elected. The far-right could be the winner.
These are the 100-day accomplishments Trump is touting
Barack Obama returns to remind us how radically different he is from Donald Trump
In Chicago, Obama tells young leaders that 'special interests dominate the debates in Washington'
Donald Trump has one real measure of success: Ratings
New Orleans removes a tribute to 'the lost cause of the Confederacy' - with snipers standing by
Conservatives Groups Sue Berkeley Over Ann Coulter Cancellation
China's Leader Urges Restraint on North Korea in Call With Trump
Trump wants NASA to send humans to Mars pronto - by his second term 'at worst'
Judge orders DA to hand over Aaron Hernandez suicide notes to fiancee
Time of testing a factor in assessing credibility of diluted sample excuse
Sources: Saints, Peterson negotiating contract
Bills won't match Mike Gillislee offer sheet from Patriots
2017 NFL Mock Draft: Speedy John Ross falls to Saints; Chiefs, Raiders take LBs
2 Top Afghanistan Military Officials Resign After Taliban Attack
Does Kendrick Lamar's 'DAMN.' Make Him the GOAT? Hip-Hop Editors Weigh In
Messi's Clasico for the ages


Doors in KSP
He shoots, he scores!
I wander the streets of Toronto at night, looking for cinematic moments. This is what I found...
[Image]'Gotta have a little sadness once in a while so you know when the good times come' - bob ross
Heath Ledger's sister clears up rumour linking Joker role to actor's death at I Am Heath Ledger premiere
Wax worms can eat and break down one of the most common plastics, polyethylene. Their digestive process breaks the plastic's chemical bond, producing an organic compound.
LPT: Always let a dog sniff your fist first before trying to pet him, then scratch under the chin and on the sides. Never reach or stand over a dog. Reaching over top a dog's head can be threatening.
5 years later... Still my best co-pilot!
46 Countries Offer Free Contraceptives but Not The United States.
TIL that Bubbles the Chimp (who once was famously Michael Jackson's pet) is alive and well, living in a Florida sanctuary for retired apes - and that he HATES cameras these days
When she play basketball
The world's first vaccine against malaria will be introduced in three countries - Ghana, Kenya and Malawi - starting in 2018.
York police say 104 men arrested after child sex sting
The year my father got my mother a hoover for Christmas 1984.
[AMA Request] Someone involved in recording or inserting appropriate words in R-rated movies to make them OK for TV.
The older I get the less I hate the Kardashians, and the more I hate their fans.
Medusa Killer
7 arrested for ‘insulting' President Erdoğan during referendum protest
What do you call children born in whorehouses?
Seu Jorge - The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions [Folk/Indie/Rock] 'Collection of David Bowie songs (plus one original, 'Team Zissou') Jorge recorded in Portuguese for the soundtrack to the film The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.'
So atmospheric CO2 levels just reached 410 ppm, first time in 3 million years it's been that high. What happened 3 million years ago?
Five top Game Of Thrones cast members ‘to pocket £2million per episode in season seven and eight'
My receipt came with a nutritional breakdown
50 Years Ago, This Was a Wasteland. He Changed Everything (2017) - Fried chicken tycoon David Bamberger devotes his life to restoring degraded landscape - National Geographic, 8 min