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Cyclone Mora: Bangladesh tries to evacuate one million
Tiger Woods: Alcohol 'not involved' in arrest
Moscow storm: 11 killed as high winds strike Russian capital
France's Macron holds 'frank exchange' with Putin
BA to operate all flights from Tuesday
Siege gunman shot dead after policeman's killing in Queensland
Texas legislators scuffle after Republican calls immigration agents
German leaders step up attacks on Trump
British Columbia: Greens to back minority NDP government
Trudeau asks Pope Francis to apologise for schools
Philippine army 'makes gains' in Marawi Islamist battle
Kenya election: Peter Gichira charged with attempted suicide
Manchester attack: CCTV appears to show bomber shopping hours before explosion
Phone footage of the moment severe storm hit Moscow
Bangalore water woes: India's Silicon Valley dries up
Shark injures Australian fisherman on board boat
Who has faced the Donald Trump handshake and won?
Portland attack eyewitness: 'Let's call this a terrorist attack'
BA boss Alex Cruz 'won't resign' over flight disruption
Australian man injured after shark jumps into boat
Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa performs Haka
Afghan star burns controversial dress
Russian explorers find 'swamp' of Soviet money
French Polynesia yacht wreck leads to drug problem
Missiles v Tanks
Extra focus
Voter change
'Changed history'
'Lame duck'

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Protest sparks Texas lawmaker threats of gun violence
McCain on Kushner backchannel reports: 'I don't like it'
Trump on missile launch: 'North Korea has shown great disrespect ... but China is trying hard!'
Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner taking 'heads down' approach
Tiger Woods arrested on DUI charge in Florida, says alcohol 'not involved'
Trump honors fallen and families in Memorial Day address
Even Angela Merkel's political rivals are on her side against Trump
'He made sure that we were loved': Son of Portland stabbing victim speaks out
'We don't take nothing': Nationals react to Bryce Harper-Hunter Strickland fight
Tiger kills zookeeper in apparent 'freak accident'
Great White Shark Leaps Into Australia Fisherman's Boat
Frank Deford, NPR's Longtime Philosopher Of Sports, Dies At 78
ISIS targets Iraqi families with blast at Baghdad ice cream shop
Umm, that's not suppose to be there: Alligator found in bottom of Florida pool - KTRK
Breaking down the 2017 NCAA baseball tournament bracket
Special prosecutor Mueller extols humility, integrity
Sports writer out at Denver Post after 'disrespectful' Indy 500 tweet
Homeland Security Considers Laptop Ban for All Flights In and Out of the U.S.
Trump, Walls, and the Pope
Former Eagle, current Cowboy CB Nolan Carroll arrested for DWI
Thousands turn out to remember Kennedy on his 100th birthday
Instant Fantasy Baseball Reaction: A torn thumb ligament is bad news, but Mike Trout owners have options
Mementos on the Wall: Remembering Vietnam veterans
Manchester police seek clues in concert bomber's suitcase
The Latest: Preds close Game 1 deficit to 3-2 in 3rd
Theresa May Doesn't Crack and Jeremy Corbyn Keeps His Cool in UK Debate
Does Stephanie Shepherd Still Work For Kim Kardashian? They've Been A Dynamic Duo For Years
The Bachelorette Week 2: Rachel Has No Time For Your Drama (and Neither Do We)
Philippine Guerillas Say Oppose Extremists, but No Word on Duterte Offer
Box Office: 'Pirates 5' Clears $77M in U.S.; 'Baywatch' Capsizes With $23M


Bryce Harper charges the mound after being hit by Hunter Strickland
TIL of Roy Benavidez. He volunteered to be dropped into a firefight against 1000 NVA to save his 12 man team, armed with only a knife. He was wounded 37 times in a 6hr battle, believed dead, and was placed in a body bag. He saved his mates, survived, and received the MoH.
My receipt for buying one bottle of vegetable oil at CVS (100 lb dog for scale)
BREAKING NEWS : We now take you down to our reporter.
In Tasmania, the cops gave a drunk guy a ride home, then took this photo so he'd remember in the morning how he got home.
Andrew Lincoln surprised Chandler Riggs at his graduation party.
NASA is about to make a big announcement about a new mission to 'touch the Sun'
A couple years late, but everything is still awesome
Found my girlfriend's dad's spirit animal
Traditional soap production in an old soap factory
I am proud of me.
'Oh boy water cress!'
A lion would never drive while drunk.
Chinese mortar lift
Crown of Lasers
British Airways boss 'tries to gag staff' on IT meltdown which has hit 300,000 passengers after 'inexperienced staff outsourced to India didn't know to launch back up system'
Not crappy at all
Brilliant Spider-Man Homecoming Cosplay XD
Good job, officer, good job
[image] Absolute Motivation
The Weather Man
My new manager fired me. I fired his store.
Sean Connery signs a Coconut for a young Jamaican girl on the set of Dr No - 1960s